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20B/3 Rotor Conversion.. All things to do with 20B/3 rotor... Post pics, video, tech, etc..

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hybrid G
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this a serious journey you are on....... loving it, can't wait to hear the 20b roar and see it all done

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Originally Posted by Christopher W. View Post
All that being said.....it does look pretty sick!!
not for nothing, but you're absolutely right!

you're right about the other stuff, too!
Originally Posted by RICE RACING View Post
This thread is more about debunking GAYclub and its spammers who hold more penis than any relevant qualifications ....
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Chris... All seems good, but what the heck happened that the bodywork took so long? And how about something in the way of pictures or do I have to drive over to Logan's?

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Christopher W.
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Update is a little disturbing but it is all moving in a very solid direction.

This is to officially warn anyone that might be thinking of having Doug Jenkins Garage of House Springs Missouri to do anything for you....don't do it.

It is sort of funny to read how much I was suckered in by this con man....talented people in his hire but he himself is a really sad character.

I took the car to him and was told it would take 2-3 months...it took two years.

Payments were not accounted for.....until I pointed out his mistake. He told me he would have his office woman look into it. There is no office woman. Then when he realized that I had his number he blamed it on one of his shop workers. I bet Jason of his shop doesn't know he was blamed for a two thousand dollar payment being misapplied.

The point where I started to see this turd for what he is is when he said this, "The guys in the shop do the work and I am the one that acts like I am interested in the customer..." The statement pretty much sums up this loser.

Then he finally shipped the car to Logan. I had moved to California and I couldn't see the car before he had it delivered. He knew this was going to be the case if he procrastinated a little longer.

So I get to Defined Autoworks and I see that the car has many issues. Let me point out that if the average person walked up to the car and looked they would of been drooling. I am way to picky for that.

I have to say that the guy has really talented people in his hire. The metal work on the fenders is awesome. It looks like Mazda did a wide body edition. The fenders have custom fender liners and looks really nice. The paint is the issue....$8K for a paint job.

It has to be repainted. There are 80 grit scratches, and numerous different blemishes in the paint. I told him where to get the new metal surround for the new windshield...MazMart. He said he had contacted them and it was handled. When I get to my car I see this f@&ker has sides and bottom of the metal surround done correctly but put a strip of universal windshield rubber across the top of the car. It looks like a freakin eye lash. He didn't paint the entire body side molding pieces. It is as if he set them down on cardboard and sprayed the front but not the back or edges. The edges are all very rough. The same thing is done to the doors and the front cap. Maybe that is why he didn't actually attach the side molding pieces securely. They would of fallen off if it had been driven down the road. The seal across the top of the front cap isn't even there.

The stupid thing is is that the car was taken all the way apart. He could of easily done these things correctly if he hadn't be such a ass hat clown.

I had Logan recommend a local shop to repaint the car. He is Steve Rieser from Rieser Auto Body. Steve said they obviously have talent but took every short cut in the book on the paint. Jenkins does use Spies Hecker paint....one of the best paints.

I currently have a BBB and Missouri Attorney General complaints filed. I did find someone else who had a big issue with him and he finally had to pay up after the Attorney General got on his ass.

I have emailed him twice with no response but i am done with this loser... As soon as Logan is done then it goes to Rieser's shop. Then the six year build will be over.

The funny thing is is that if the jerk hadn't taken two years to finish then the next evolution of this project would not be happening.....Yes that was suppose to be cryptic.

You can wait and see the final project or stop by Logan's and see for yourself.

So to sum all of this up......my car project has step up a notch and is moving forward.

We are hoping to have it running later this fall.

Sorry, I did a restore on my phone and lost the only pictures I had of the car in it's current state. It does look sweet!!!
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Very nice!
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Christopher W.
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I was trying to keep this a secret...for some stupid reason.....

But if the ass wipe Doug Jenkins hadn't been such a total unethical loser...I would not now be having a 4 rotor installed. Funny how the universe works that way.

NA and nothing super trick but still it is a freakin 4 rotor. I am thinking by the end of November we will be getting ready for dyno. It is all there just Logan needs to find the time.

The engine will not have a dry sump. It will be built with 2mm seals. I am still trying to keep a/c. Although I now live in Northern California and the need is not there for a/c like it was in Arkansas. But I still want it if we can make it work. I will be winding to 8700 RPM. I am hoping for around 500-520 RWHP. I am not doing three plugs. I lost interest in a complicated exhaust bypass valve on my 3 rotor so I won't be messing with that on the 4 rotor. It will have a Racing beat aluminum center section for weight saving.

So that's where we stand.
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Awesome build. Love the body work, fab work, how clean everything is- Love the FC too
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need RX7
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Any updates on this? I admired the cleanliness and quality work, and that last post is a major tease!
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