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03-23-2008, 12:03 PM
So I took the P71 drag racing last night at PIR ;)

Just to spoil the fun already, 14's on the very first pass! :rofl:

I was bracket racing with PDXCGP (Portland Club Grand Prix, we have an 01 Grand Prix GT). We had 16 cars in the race, I got three qualifying passes (14.923@92.27 with a 2.196 60', and a 14.937@93.51!).

First round I dialed in 14.91, cut a .089 light (to a .448!!), I was ahead by so much I slammed on the brakes to prevent a breakout and won.

Second round I cut the dial in to a 14.87, and ran a 14.885@92.53 (my new personal best! With a 2.209 60'), margin of victory was .0188!!! :coolgleamA:

Third round I left the dial in at 14.87 and ran a 14.887@92.86!! Margin of victory was .0429, too bad it was the other guy, he broke out with a 14.89 on a 15.00 dial in!

So then came the finals, with the two 14.88's in a row I decided to tempt fate and changed the dial in to 14.88, I was running against a 14.60. I cut an .060 light and made him redlight! I still went a 14.920@92.41 while screaming "I WON!!!!" the whole time!

So I WON my first bracket race ever! I got a $100 gift certificate, double points in the yearly championship, and I have to hold the "Top Dog" until I lose the lead (a stuffed dog, I asked them if it made me a K9 unit now). :rofl:

I went from the downer yesterday of breaking the RX-7, to a new personal best, and my first victory! I was ecstatic the whole night!




03-23-2008, 12:36 PM
Nice man :icon_tup:
My dad took his 85 928s to the 1/8th mile last night...running about the same times as you in the 1/8th. His best was a 9.60.

03-23-2008, 12:41 PM
BTW, edit your sig man :D