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  1. SM2 buildup
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  14. The results of the June 8th PIR/ORPCA Autocross with Josh, John, and I!
  15. Ran the RX-7 in my first SCCA autocross today!
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  17. Sept 21st Autocross results!
  18. Got a sneak peek at the course for Sunday @ PIR...
  19. Results from today's autocross, season ender, the 7's DOMINATE!!
  20. PIR Autocross Picture Thread... Links to a Pro's Pics
  21. 2009 PAX/RTP numbers
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  23. how important are tires?
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  28. Limerock Track Day 06/18
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  30. Proxes RA1
  31. EESCC AutoX - Eugene Oregon
  32. ORPCA AutoX #3 on 6/21/09
  33. FD - Camber adjustment based on tire temps
  34. Is there any autocrossing or rallycrossing down by the gulf?
  35. Congratulations Dan Chadwick...2009 Solo Nationals SSM Champion!!
  36. AutoX: Can a fb compete with Miatas?
  37. NSCRA Driver Profiles - Attention All Drivers
  38. NSCRA Time Attack Demo December 5,6
  39. SCCA re-class FD RX7 from ASP -> BSP. Email SCCA w/ member support.
  40. May 8th/9th SW Michigan Autocross
  41. Auto X Classes
  42. Video from July 3rd/4th autocross
  43. My last run with BRR-SCCA
  44. Good improvements from years past...
  45. HELP!! trying to figure out classes SUCK!!
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  48. Ssm fb...
  49. RX8 took top of class in NASA-MA
  50. Turbo manifold choices
  51. Fast Auto-x event coming up
  52. Tires, Sidewalls, Things