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  1. I'm sorry
  2. Garfinkle Engine Torque Brace for FD3S
  3. oil pan braces
  4. Garfinkle's Air Pump Pully Kit Sneak Preview
  5. FD Air pump Deletion Idler (Interest feeler)
  6. Garfinkle Sequential Turbo porting work
  7. New Fuel System setup - Feeler
  8. New Coil Relocation Bracket - Feeler
  9. High Output Alternator
  10. Garfinkle's Custom 99 Rotor Cross drill (ton of pics)!
  11. Modified Rats Nest for the FD
  12. New style hard nylon motor mounts
  13. Any interest in developing an individual coil ignition system?
  14. Replace the oil returm line with JIC fittings and braded line