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  26. Spongy brakes
  27. 42mm offset too much?
  28. Offset for these wheels too big for FD?
  29. can u take the auto ajust do it hurt the car
  30. so, 16x8F and 16x9R or go with a larger diameter wheel?
  31. Falken Azenis RT615
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  34. here my 1985 gsl w 17 inch wheels
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  36. pics of my gsl and my friend gsl-se turbo
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  40. What tires size? 15"x9.5 on 1st Gen?
  41. Tire Rack has Bridgestone RE-01R's for dirt cheap!!!
  42. ok I need some help {2005 Mazda6 Wagon}
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  46. shocks/springs install, additional parts needed?
  47. drop springs
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  49. Who has any experience/info. on the OEM Showa Bathurst SP/Type R Coilovers?
  50. 285's on an FC (yah, i did it)
  51. okay, i can't decide on a wheel for the FB
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  64. Work VSxx on an FC/FD
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  69. i just scored these for free
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  86. Length of brake lines
  87. Making my own coilovers.
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  99. Simmons of Aus
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