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  1. Announcement: Please ONLY post Engine related parts
  2. Parts from Japan
  3. FS: All metal radiator-HKS Iridium plugs
  4. FS: Odyssey PC680 MBK $170 shipped
  5. Old Style Pettit Coolcharge II w/ Duct, Apexi AVC-R in DIN Pocket
  6. FS-Rotary Extreme Monster V-mount Chattanooga, TN
  7. FS: polished water pump and housing
  8. FS BB TO4E turbo kit!! cheap!
  9. FS: Ceramic Coated water pump housing and filler neck Chattanooga, TN
  10. FS:HKS Twin Power with harness
  11. FS: Fluidyne Radiator $300.00 Shipped
  12. FS: Random Engine Bay parts
  13. FS: Freshly PowderCoated Jspec UIM and 93 LIM
  14. WTB: Engine Cores
  15. WTB: Walbros
  16. FS: Genuine Y-pipe Efini, 27500 JPY
  17. FS: Greddy Elbow $105, Profec B $240, Blitz Dual Timer $80. Shipping included
  18. FS: Turbo Timer Harness $12 shipped
  19. FS: Apexi Power FC $650 shipped
  20. FS: TN M2 performance ecu, $350 OBO
  21. FS: Garfinkle Oil Pan Braces $120.00 Shipped
  22. FS: Stock FD Parts, $50 - $125
  23. FS: OMP 3 for $125 or $50 each
  24. FS: coil packs $60 + shipping
  25. FS: 5 speed trans
  26. FS: Apexi N1 single Tip Catback and 3" Midpipe
  27. FS: Oil Catch Can $65.00 Shipped
  28. FS: A brand new set of OE Mazda 2mm 2piece apex seals
  29. FS: (2) Turbosmart Ultra 38mm wastegates
  30. FS: Apexi Power FC, $800 USD, shipped
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  32. WTB: FD front rotor housing
  33. FS: 9.5 lb lightweight flywheel with counterweight $200.00 Shipped in TN
  34. >>>BUYER BEWARE<<< Do your research before BUYING!!!! USE iTrader!!!
  35. FS: brand new Microtech LT10s, $1000
  36. FS: Power FC, $550, Spirit R cluster, $800, all prices shipped
  37. FS: PLX Wideband $220/shipped, 2 Efini Y-Pipes $220 ea/shipped, etc
  38. FS: Polished Alternator & Water Pump Pullys - $65 shipped
  39. WTB: Rear end.... 5 speed 93+
  40. Gotham Ti Exhaust/ Pettit Resonated MP
  41. WTB: Pettit Racing E.C.U. for a Automatic, 14.7 psi.
  42. FS -- A bunch of stock parts Massachusetts / Rhode Island
  43. wtb asap air temperature sensor
  44. FS: Racing Beat flywheel new never installed, $400 shipped
  45. F/S: LOTS of Aftermarket + Stock Parts (Pics Linked), Prices shipped!!!
  46. FS Hose Techniques 3" 90 degree bends and t bolt clamps.
  47. FS: Powdercoated Rotor Housing w/ Rotor
  48. PFC, RB dual tip, Bonez HF, PFS IC
  49. FS: Bunch of Parts
  50. FS: Aftermarket parts (most are new)
  51. WTB: Battery Tray!
  52. FS: slightly used tubo blanket
  53. looking for a alt!
  54. FS:my complete pfs set up
  55. WTB: efini/stock crossover pipe 72023
  56. FS: 7500 mile '99 twins with y-pipe and crossover pipe! $1500 shipped
  57. Fluidyne Radiator and Stock Fans $400.00 Shipped
  58. FS: Bunch of stock parts(internals/externals) centerforce clutch!!
  59. fs greddy elbow and greddy airtrix intake w/pipes
  60. FS: Custom V-mount using APEXi GT Intercooler and Fluidyne Radiator!
  61. FS: OEM Side Feed Injector O-Ring & Pintle Cap Kit
  62. FS: Stock engine parts solenoids, injectors... polished IC pipes
  63. Re Amemiya C.a.i.
  64. WTB HKS TWIN POWER, & center console piece
  65. East TN: Pettit Ast
  66. Chrome Upper Intake Manifold Hardware For Sale
  67. Blitz boost controller and a bunch of engine parts
  68. Autometer Boost Guage
  69. WTB: REW rear iron
  70. FS: PFS 3" CB Exhaust - Akron/Bath, OH
  71. Re-amemiya TYPE A 16bit ECU for SALE 500 USD
  72. Parting Bridge Port Single turbo Touring 93
  73. WTB M2 Intake
  74. FS: aftermarket (HKS,Greddy,K&N) and lots of stock parts! TX
  75. FS: Brand New Greddy M Spec FMIC Kit for FD3S
  76. Best Priced Rebuilt Shortblocks available.
  77. FS: auto radiator; intercooler duct, spark plug wires, etc...
  78. FS: 2002 Twin turbo set up
  79. FS: Apexi turbo timer $70 shipped OBO 72023
  80. Freshly Rebuilt 500cc and 850cc Injectors
  81. Stock Twin Turbo parts IL 61821
  82. FS: Matched Irons, $500 in Clifton, NJ
  83. WTB: Hood release cable for my 93.
  84. FS: Efini y-pipe with polished crossover pipe
  85. Ton of parts
  86. FS: NIB Tial 50mm BOV
  87. wtb. fuel pressure gauge
  88. FS: Bunch of stock engine stuff
  89. WTB: Garfinkle Engine Torque Brace
  90. Brand new rotors and rotor housings
  91. Rotary Aviation OMP premix adaptor plate
  92. WTB 1200 or 1300cc Injectors
  93. wtb top feed injector set up.
  94. WTB 93 AC dryer
  95. FS NIB Greddy BOV
  96. Shop Cleanup Sale!
  97. FS: NIB Blitz SBC-ID BOOST Controller
  98. Fs: Nib Ngk Afx Wideband
  99. FS: New gotham racing duel oil cooler kit
  100. Efini Y-pipes
  101. Twin turbo intakes and IC hard pipe kits
  102. FS: Cerama-Chrome UIM
  103. Aftermarket and stock goodies.
  104. FS: Performance parts and some stock things: Good stuff!
  105. FS: Efini Y-Pipe $170 Shipped
  106. fs: tn. tons of parts. cleaning warehouse for tour in iraq
  107. FS: Apexi Power FCs On Sale For FD, new $900, refurb, $650
  108. WTB: Engine items
  109. FS: NIB Coolingmist water/meth injection kit
  110. FS: Stock Twin Turbos $450 obo + shipping
  111. WTB: A good wideband.
  112. Some Parts Freight included to anywhere in the lower 48
  113. WTB: 2pod a pillar, Twin Power w/ harness, 10.5 race plugs and TII coils
  114. FS: Apexi PFC and Commander in TN
  115. FS: HKS Carbon Ti Catback exhaust in TN
  116. Performance Parts in TN
  117. Only ONE APEXI PFC and Commander left $900 shipped
  118. FS: Ignitor/ Boost Sensor/ Oil Cooler/ ETC.
  119. AEM and Sparco FOR SALE!!
  120. WTB: oil feed line, and 3 lim block offs
  121. FS: BNR Stage 3 Complete Turbo Kit!
  122. WTB: Oil level sensor and thermostat filler neck
  123. FS: Used 5 speed wiring harness for Single or Non-seq
  124. FS: 3mm Streetported Rebuilt Shortblock for $3050.00 Shipped
  125. Power FC and Commander For Sale
  126. wtb power fc!
  127. FS: JDM FD Drivetrain Partout! Items in Canada.
  128. FS: Rx7 store resonated midpipe in TN
  129. FS : Lightweight alum. flywheel, brand new apex seal, CUSTOM MADE smb resonated downp
  130. WTB: OEM Catalytic Converters - Any and All
  131. WTB: dual tip racingbeat
  132. RHD Single Turbo FD Partout
  133. guy in chattanooga tn. that has a ton of parts.
  134. WTB: Dual tip Racing Beat Exhaust
  135. FS: stock twin's mani ecu 37k on em
  136. WTB: Radiator Fan Drivers Side
  137. single turbo down pipe w/ 3" v-band & other parts.
  138. WTB: EGR block off plate ASAP
  139. **FS** M2 Medium SMIC, Coated HKS Downpipe, flowmatched 550cc injectors, stock parts
  140. FS: FD Downpipe
  141. WTB: Used Catback Cheap
  142. WTB; Brand new greddy racing ti or jic ti catback
  143. Performance 3rd gen parts FS.
  144. FS stock twin's manifold ect...
  145. FS: Excedy twin disks and floater, Greddy SMIC, AL flywheel, stock IC, coils, OMP
  146. WTB O.E. intake pipe: ky 42101
  147. FD leather seats/ HKS downpipe
  148. Apexi dual Intake & Efini piping
  149. FS: T04E Complete Turbo Kit with Downpipe
  150. Bunch of Boost Controllers
  151. FD Partout
  152. FS or FT: HKS Hiper Catback
  153. FS: Various parts
  154. FS: Garrett 60-1 single setup, stock IC/piping, fuel pump, DP, AST, NEED TO SELL ASAP
  155. FS: Boost controller $270 or trade NIB
  156. FS Stock fuel pump, air pump, y pipe, pullies, needle valves MBC
  157. Looking for a used PFC computer
  158. One time Special Pricing on Rebuilt Shortblocks.
  159. Apexi PFC and commander with Dataloggit
  160. FS: Good condition pettit ported rotor housing
  161. FS: 3 Good Condition slightly used 2mm 1 piece Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seals
  162. FS: 2 Used Ported rotor Housings
  163. FS: TurboJeff Battery Tray
  164. FS: AC system '94 Rx7
  165. FS:Seals and Such
  166. FS/FT: HKS carbon titanium catback
  167. FS: Rebuilt Engines
  168. FS: PowerSteering Cooler Line
  169. F/S semi pp housing's ...
  170. FS: Complete engine with new harness and housing.
  171. FS 3rd gen catback custom exhaust local pickup preferred (Tampa, FL
  172. Greddy intake & Greddy elbow
  173. WTB: Good condition intermediate iron.
  174. WTB Alternator
  175. WTB Fuel Pump
  176. WTB: This odd part
  177. FS: Used Exedy Twin Disk
  178. WTB: Passenger side oil cooler
  179. Tial 50mm bov 175.00 shipped
  180. FS: RC Modified "1300cc" Injectors
  181. FS - FD Down Pipe
  182. WTB: Alt. bracket...hard to describe - ONT canada
  183. GA F.S. Pettit Racing ECU
  184. TN: FS: Apexi Power FC $500.00 Shipped
  185. TN: FS: PFS purple piggyback ECU
  186. TN: FS: Datalogit $250.00 Shipped
  187. ***Aftermarket/Stock: Fuel Systems, PFC, FMIC, Single-turbo Kit, '99 Y-pipe, etc.***
  188. **F/S: Polished Engine Parts: UIM/LIM/TB/etc.**
  189. Fs:some Engine "stuff" I Need To Get Rid Of
  190. Apexi AVC-R black face boost controller
  191. Custom Ron Davis Racing V mount radiator complete with brackets. Brand new!
  192. I NEED front sway bar/ rad support brackets
  193. Engine Torque Brace/Dampner (2)
  194. FS: Polished LIM in TN
  195. FS: PFC + Commander [New Version]
  196. F.S. Apexi 3 bar map sensor PLUG AND PLAY!
  197. FS: Ebay single turbo manifold, $80 shipped
  198. RE DS Oil Cooler Duct,Air Pump Elim,3 bar,Efini Y Pipe, Throwout Bearing
  199. FS Brand new Mazda OEM 2-piece steel apex seal 11-C00C-N351
  200. Fs: greddy t-78 turbo kit brand new
  201. New and Used Hose Couplings, Transitions, Elbows,Hard pipe, All sizes.2" to 2 3/4.
  202. "New in Box" FD RX7 Rotor Housings
  203. FS: Rebuilt 13B-REW Shortblocks Best price around
  204. FS: (2) Walbro 255 HP NIB
  205. WTB - Stock radiator fans
  206. FS: Downpipe
  207. FS: Greddy FMIC Kit
  208. TN FS - Xcessive Aluminum oil pan for 13B-REW
  209. WTB: C weight rotor
  210. FS: Air Pump w/ Pully & Cruise Control
  211. *SOCAL* Brand New Housings/Rotor Kit
  212. FS: I went single
  213. FS: Brand new greddy T78 turbo kit 3200$ shipped
  214. FS: Rebuilt Shortblocks, Best prices yet :)
  215. FS: midpipes
  216. Couple items for sale
  217. oem and aftermarket parts
  218. wtb short shifter
  219. 76 mm COMP Turbo for sale. (So-Cal)
  220. Want to Buy Single turbo downpipe w/v-band turbo flange
  221. WTB: your old and crappy primary rails and 850cc injectors
  222. FS: Rotary engine compression tester $800 from AZ 85282
  223. WTB 4.10 Rear end diff
  224. RE amemiya cat back
  225. FS- Brand New Stock Radiator
  226. greddy type s bov diaghragm
  227. fs a few stock engine parts also engine bay and trans shifter.
  228. FS. 12# Yawpower injectors
  229. For Sale: Oil Filter Pedestal
  230. FS **SOCAL** Pettit Racing Coolcharge III Intercooler kit/rotor kit
  231. For sale Greddy Profec B (Spec 1)
  232. FS: Koyo Radiator Anodized Black
  233. KG Parts Fuel Rails and Earl's fittings
  234. wtb fd 5spd body harness asap!!!
  235. FS: brand new tial 44 $300 shipped
  236. FS Stock Throttle Body
  237. WTB: FD bolts
  238. Help fund my addiction!
  239. FS: Brand New AEM pnp EMS and new walbro 255 pump!!
  240. Brand new silicone transition hoses 2"3/4 to 3"
  241. NC 5spd transmission cheap!!!!
  242. FS: FEED ported throttle body & GZ LIM
  243. TN: FS: Rebuilt 13B-Rew, New housings, $3150.00 Shipped
  244. TN:FS: Fresh Rebuilt 13B-REW streetport/2mm atkins seals $2400.00 Shipped!!!
  245. FS: Meth/water injectionn Parts!!! W/ PICS
  246. FS BIG and i mean BIG garrett turbo..
  247. WTT: My Gotham B&M Style Shifter for C's/Pettit/RE/MS Shifter
  248. FS: HKS FD manifold w/ Tial 44 and adapter
  249. Greddy elbow forsale w/injectors
  250. F/S: Bosh 044 Inline Fuel Pump 300LPH