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  1. First Thread Honkies
  2. Can anyone in E TN tune carbs?!
  3. I'm itching!
  4. Ebay Headlights
  5. 1st Gen 1/4 mile leader board
  6. Intake Manifold Bolt Size
  7. Introducing my FB!
  8. Would these wheels fit decent on a GSL-SE
  9. S model thread
  10. My S model build thread
  11. HOW-TO: Reupholster your door panels
  12. Loose steering
  13. On the road again...
  14. First thing to tackle on the 83 GSL, passenger window INOP
  15. Any ideas/part numbers for the plastic bearing in the headlights?
  16. Hella headlight conversions - $40 each, link inside.
  17. Project: Bodywork
  18. So I remember...
  19. Well crap, the rear defog doesn't work
  20. Worked on the GSL today, fixed a lot!
  21. New write-up on 2GDFIS please
  22. 12A Gasket Templates
  23. JHB cermet coated housings (pics)
  24. Paint Codes
  25. Anybody know how hard it is to build LED taillights?
  26. ball joints help asap.
  27. no rear defoger
  28. Ford 8.8 Swap underway!
  29. need input on my e-fan idea.
  30. look what iam getting
  31. Woo Hoo! I scored an interior yesterday!
  32. Strut tower brace anyone?
  33. 1st gen Paint Codes
  34. cleaning engine bay
  35. need advice header removal.1980 12a
  36. Question about 5th and 6th ports
  37. My new 83 Limited Edition
  38. First Gen RX-7 Die-Cast cars, IMSA GTU style
  39. Rear end swap?
  40. 84 GSL-SE 13B RE-EGI emissions removal?
  41. Can I put a S5 fan clutch on my 12a?
  42. RB streetport template: mild. ... then wtf is wild???
  43. [TECH] Measuring APEX SEALS (with pics)
  44. Electrical problem: Dash & running lights stay on
  45. My first try porting. Yes, you probably can do it better
  46. "gilmer"new kiwi friend sent me gilmer setup!
  47. Yay! It runs again, and soooo much work has been done!
  48. installed RB header today some info to know.
  49. FB brake up grade.
  50. Brake Problems..
  51. squeaky brakes
  52. need help in tewksbury mass, simple wiring problem
  53. Wiring differnences in SA/FB S1/S2/S3 power window switches - Hardcore Tech with Pics
  54. 45 dcoe help!
  55. Viscous fluid from charcoal cannister?
  56. OE FMOC mounting
  57. Engine bay
  58. T-5 Transmiison Questions
  59. Just because im lazy
  60. Improving Steering
  61. Old town, FL
  62. GSL-SE fuel pump flow?
  63. My first finished port
  64. How much difference does driving w/o a washer make, if any?
  65. 1st Gen SA/FB answer to all of your wheel questions! Hardcore TECH.
  66. Any one using REspeeds FC fuse brackets
  67. How to Boost Prep a Holley DP..
  68. SA/FB Flares/Wings?
  69. Why does my battery keep on dying?
  70. street port
  71. Chirping noise?
  72. High beams randomly turn on/off when headlights are turned on.
  73. I think this is UNIQUE
  74. Car can't hold idle after rats nest removal.
  75. My hood pops up when I drive.
  76. 1st generation fluid thread.
  77. Did I install my fuel filter correctly and control arm bushing question.
  78. Only one stuck port ??
  79. Mr. Gasket fuel Pressure gauges suck!!!
  80. 5th & 6th port repair and clean up
  81. Decreased fuel efficiency after rats nest removal?
  82. My Turbo FB..
  83. FC oil cooler on GSL-SE
  84. Just a fuel related idea!
  85. They see me portin´ they hatin´...
  86. My FB is now on E85!
  87. Fuel system for turboII swapped FB's
  88. off the shelf carb info needed.
  89. THIS is going inside my FB...
  90. oil pressure gauge help!!
  91. How to put FC seats in an SA/FB
  92. Porting: (not finished) water jacked mod: finished
  93. Clutch Issues...
  94. s5 jdm TII into 80SA?
  95. "Lets see what works" Project thread
  96. Thermo Pellet in FMOC
  97. Dropping the engine...
  98. to those that will stick to the nikki...
  99. What spark plug wires do you use?
  100. My First Generation Informational Thread
  101. Where is the best place to sell ?
  102. FD water pump housing on 12A engine...
  103. Quick voltage question for all of you.
  104. 4x110 to 4x100 adapters?
  105. Coolant level sensor
  106. Gsl-Se Center Iron vs. 12a Center
  107. any one willing to talk 12a's/13b's advice needed.
  108. My project
  109. 12a to 13b turbo mani adapter. will all dims need
  110. make a mold for sa bumber.
  111. What should I do about my steering wheel?
  112. starting to get parts for turbo kit.
  113. help picking a clutch
  114. Operation Ground Control = Success
  115. some new body work (will this buff out)
  116. need input rear lights idea.
  117. new head lights out soon.
  118. What type of rear coil overs should I do?
  119. Really noob question
  120. New toy...
  121. High altitude and a carburator?
  122. PIC/Info request - FMOC
  123. 1st gen guys will LOVE this
  124. 1980 dizzy DLIDFIS help please.Jeff20b way.
  125. 1980 rx7 DLIDFIS(gm igniters) install with pics.
  126. I love my emblem :D
  127. FB: custom background for the gauge cluster
  128. Finished side emblems and decals ... so you can do it too
  129. White smoke at start up?
  130. My first half bridge :)
  131. And the clutch is IN!
  132. 1st Gen guys, pics of meshies?
  133. Are these 4x110?
  134. ST Swaybar Install
  135. just a heads up
  136. Coilover setup on the cheap
  137. Not sure if getting better, but Im porting a lot...
  138. Favorite First Gens?
  139. ITBs for my half bridge. Yes, this post has pics
  140. flywheel options..
  141. Rearview mirror wiring
  142. Talk to me about exhaust...
  143. Hoods for the FB
  144. Shipping a car?
  145. GSL-SE 6P 13B Finding TDC?
  146. Side-exit exhaust
  147. Anyone want better pedals? (for professionals)
  148. I need some media of the various FB wheels
  149. Wtf?
  150. exhaust setup ideas sa turbo car.
  151. GSL-SE issues
  152. Inexpensive, decent air filters for a turbo
  153. 13b turbo SA22
  154. So I weighed my FB tonight...
  155. Non tech thread but hey, I included pics :D
  156. You can use a Y iron in a R5 engine...
  157. So I blew my engine over the weekend
  158. Radio Trouble
  159. 6sec world faster 2 rotor from puerto rico
  160. 12A OIL MODS:front and rear oil pressure regulators
  161. rx-7 tech: 12A engine: pressing in new rotor bearings
  162. I have my rotors ready
  163. world's fastest compacts
  164. my favorite first gen
  165. EFI -> Carb wiring questions, removals
  166. Transmission Swap ?
  167. first gen rally road car.
  168. loose steering
  169. Pressing out eshaft bearings
  170. No more cooling into the intake
  171. My first build
  172. Can I has fender flares?
  173. Not sure what to do.
  174. Sway bars?
  175. DLIDFIS issue
  176. pink film in puerto rci here videos
  177. Newbie looking at an 83 13B -- risky?
  178. Fresh Video: racing on Hoosiers
  179. FB Shell Price $$$ ??
  180. My home made baffle pan
  181. Can anyone name the wheel?
  182. My home made oil pan brace
  183. SA hood vs. FB hood?
  184. A lot better...
  185. what is this part?
  186. The oil pan is ON!
  187. Transmission Whine
  188. Happy B/Day Rcc
  189. Using FC 13B header in FB w/ 13B swap
  190. I had one problem, now I have two
  191. Interest in some FB emblems?
  192. kamei air dam
  193. 85 gsl se wont start
  194. Best Daily Driver Config
  195. HOW TO: Installing RE SPEED Front Big Brake Kit
  196. Any interest in the return of the MindTrain exhaust system?
  197. Sterling's website
  198. First start attempt: no oil pressure...at all
  199. Running the vent line properly?
  200. who makes this spoiler?
  201. can this be done and is it a good idea?
  202. new pics of my rx7
  203. picture of main relay in an 82?
  204. Struts/CoilOvers/maybe a turbo rebuild
  205. MI 2 day meet/Autocross May 16/17
  206. My New Project
  207. Oil system O-ring mod - Testers NEEDED
  208. fusible link
  209. Cooling Issue! HELP PLEASE!
  210. S2 wiring questions
  211. Fuel pump is cavitating.
  212. Gave up on her.... for now. :(
  213. Driving lights don't turn off...
  214. OMG it started
  215. what is a blown 12a worth?
  216. Killed two Autometer tachs...no idea how
  217. Official NHL motor mounts
  218. 1st gen shifter question
  219. Anyone going to Zoom Fest?
  220. Wheel Identification.
  221. Tail of the Dragon video
  222. fuel help please
  223. Konig Rewinds 4x110 (Special deal)
  224. guess not
  225. pilot bearing from hell
  226. Starter? Maybe
  227. Quick Question Regarding Alternator Wiring.
  228. DLIDFIS on FB
  229. It Died!!
  230. 1st Gen/RX8 motor/trans install
  231. Strut Tower Brace?
  232. '78 leading vacuum advance
  233. Quarter/wing window installation
  234. Rust Repair?
  235. f.i. to carb
  236. 12A vs 13B weight
  237. GSL-SE Cold Start/Idle Problem
  238. Michigan autocross 2 day event: 8/8-9
  239. GSL SE Question
  240. Missfire after drag racing, common?
  241. New 1st gen issues
  242. Race Results: Not too shabby for a 1st Gen!!
  243. Strange stock intake. Help ID
  244. Need help finding fender flares !!!
  245. Who has a first gen with a cage?
  246. a reasonable poly susp kit.
  247. FC subframe swap
  248. steering wheel help
  249. 2MM or 3MM
  250. Help !! I Need Fender Flares