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  1. 6 port pictures
  2. engine rebuild question
  3. Weekend Driver
  4. High Flow Catalytic Convertor List
  5. Turbo Upgrade
  6. Technical Section?
  7. Engine wont start Tech
  8. Worth Rebuilding?
  9. Which Clutch?
  10. Vacuum Caps
  11. Post TB cleaning Bog
  12. removing front cover affects end play?
  13. 6p turbo LOW OIL PRESSURE!
  14. Identifying Transmission/Clutch Noises
  15. How To: Diagnose Charging and Battery Issues
  16. Calculating Drag, Force, Lift, and Downforce
  17. List of underhood sensors/parts/etc. functions and locations and spark plug info
  18. Stolen 1988 RX7-GS
  19. Instrument cluster illumination problem
  20. S6/FD Stat. Gears in a Series 4 T2 engine?
  21. Boost guage
  22. Replacing oil cooler lines - what hose to get?
  23. What should I do to protect my new engine?
  24. Turbocharger leaking oil, wth?
  25. Mission: Impossible?
  26. Fuel leak and headlights
  27. should I bridgeport or streetport?
  28. Suggestion, NA, Turbo, section, sub-forum.
  29. curious: how much solid tranny and motors mounts vibrate?
  30. oil strainer
  31. Suspension possibly damaged: HALP
  32. Exhaust piping changes sizes...
  33. What to replace with new struts?
  34. Rotor beveling/chamfering/scalloping/trimming/port phasing
  35. Engine Harness s4 88 T2
  36. My first streetport in progress
  37. The viscious cycle....
  38. Identify certain things in engine bay
  39. question about engine front weight
  40. 38k Hesitation ??'s
  41. Aftermarket Lug nuts? fitment?
  42. Most responsive S5 cloolant gauge ever? The vert's endless problems.
  43. How do I remove the FTP's?
  44. Removing the A/C.
  45. Question about 10AE
  46. Write Up: Horn Relay Fix
  47. R&R front cover tips?
  48. Pineapple Racing Yoohoo Water Pump Belt
  49. This week, rebuild resumes
  50. Turbo gaskets!
  51. Broken Line
  52. Low oil pressure? Get's higer when I give it gas...
  53. What do new S4 tail lights look like?
  54. Bad idle, Hesitation under load, black smoke
  55. Running Leading Plugs ONLY?
  56. HOW-TO: TPS Tester/ECU Code Light
  57. Vert Suspension Setup: Advice Appreciated
  58. How-To: Tuning the TPS with a Multimeter
  59. Pineapple Racing Graphite Mani Gasket?
  60. Tokico's... which way do they go?
  61. Crankcase ventilation?
  62. The starter worked this morning, now it doesn't.
  63. Coolant sensor goes off at random times?
  64. Shotgun rebuild
  65. Replacing all fluid nipples on a 13B
  66. Charging Problem and BAC question.
  67. Reman injectors for N/A?
  68. Question about fan shroud
  69. Turbo guidance, PLEASE! Im Lost.
  70. S5 UIM on S4?
  71. best oil wight for a fresh rebuild??
  72. Bolt Pattern, Rim question i cant find the anwser too.
  73. mazda miata gear box 13b tranny
  74. S4 Tail Light Revival
  75. Found strange box spliced in under dash
  76. Chassis Overhaul
  77. Anyone with experience refinishing wheels?
  78. IGNITION PROBLEM: Arcing Sparkplug
  79. Let's talk remote mounted turbos...
  80. What kind of oil do you use?
  81. Suspension kits
  82. Rebuild Questions
  83. Charging System Problem: All Idiot Lights ON
  84. DTSS - Ignore or ditch
  85. Low Boost, Catback questions
  86. Oil Metering Lines
  87. REV TII exhaust.
  88. Idea for engine importers.
  89. Question for those knowledgeable in the ways of the 'vert...
  90. o2 Sensor
  91. Remove and Replace Alone. Stupid?
  92. oil filter thread size and pitch
  93. Headlight problems
  94. Battery Relocation Write-Up! Questions/Comments/Suggestions welcome!
  95. White smoke
  96. 13B-RE Turbo Manifold
  97. TehMonkay's slow build thread
  98. Flywheel Lock
  99. Car won't stay running! W00t!
  100. Oops. Didn't mark PP orientation to FW...
  101. Tomorrow, I remove the rear plate...
  102. Switching my S5 aux port setup to S4?
  103. Smelling like ass....
  104. Removed rear plate.
  105. Where to mount Oil pressure Gauge?
  106. Warning: Apex seals - Razor Sharp
  107. 13B-RE Questions
  108. I drove my car.
  109. Is this rotor housing done?
  110. Redoing bushings
  111. Aftermarket Flywheel and counterweight compatibility questions
  112. Best way to disconnect the fuel lines?
  113. Opinions on this rear iron, please
  114. Any of you know who can fabricate a blank FC dash?
  115. Actual power gains from bolt on parts?
  116. Fuel pump relay and cutoff switch question
  117. Problem w/ Parking lamps
  118. Grey smoke at high rpms
  119. motor differences
  120. 3500 RPM Hesitation
  121. BAC valve air line connections
  122. HOW-TO: Install tweeters into your door panels
  123. Please help diagnose coolant & oil pooling on LIM
  124. S4 Power Window adjustment
  125. Brake booster question
  126. Vender Parts Vs. Mazda
  127. Belts Question
  128. low oil press problems at idle
  129. Starter problems I made doing something dumb!
  130. budget big brake kit finished
  131. Ok..Mega Help,Please!
  132. FD Diff in a FC TII Rear End Questions
  133. Puslastion damper/banjo bolt mod
  134. 91 vert oil pressure issues
  135. Front lower arm bushing question... P.S. I hate them
  136. ?'s about TII coolant flow & oil cooler flow/relocation...
  137. Oil sender replacement
  138. broken manifold stud
  139. Replacing the front races
  140. Brake rotor choices... which one?
  141. Paint stripper doesnt work...
  142. Are S4 and S5 Turbine Wheels Interchangable?
  143. clutch and dead engine
  144. gas flooded engine.
  145. Follow up: Pineapple Racing gaskets
  146. Apexi turbo timer
  147. End link bushing problem...
  148. What size spark plug wires?
  149. Possible spindle/hub/wheel bearing damage
  150. My turbo II is slow
  151. S5 turbo on s4 engine
  152. Idle problems
  153. Gas mileage, what you getting?
  154. Compatible Turbo Components
  155. "Switched" power source?
  156. Quick question about cleaned injectors
  157. Batt, Alt, or Slow Drain?
  158. So im stuck at work. TII cranks, no tach. no firing.
  159. e-shaft lock nut
  160. Transmission, weird problem
  161. clutch pedal sticks...
  162. The Official FC Radiator Thread.
  163. Fuel pressure at 80psi???
  164. Installing RECARO SPEED in my vert?
  165. Brake master cylinder questions:
  166. would like info on my FC build
  167. Squeeky Clutch MC
  168. OMP Cleaned
  169. Alternator Rebuild Kit
  170. Stuck coilover, remedy suggestions needed
  171. t2 housings n/a internals
  172. Found - Replacement alternator connector for S5 FC3S and FD3S
  173. Weird Sounds From Transmission Area - Guess what Broke or is BREAKING
  174. ECU Pics request
  175. Coolant draining, am I crazy?
  176. s5 turbo stock wastegate question
  177. air pump mounting pic request
  178. Some wiring questions...
  179. Sourcing new vacuum lines for TII - what diameter though??
  180. Suggestions on next upgrades?
  181. Front races question
  182. Catch cans
  183. I'm experiencing Malfuntions...
  184. 3800 rpm wall/ hesitation
  185. Code 26 & No Fuel
  186. S5 TII engine,to Run as S4 TII,in an S4 N/A!
  187. Aftermarket Coolant Temperature Sensor - Where To Install?
  188. possible S5 TII OMP problem
  189. Mild steel for a 3" turbo exhaust?
  190. Re-routing of HVAC piping and relocation of units
  191. High idle issues: revisted
  192. exhaust leak from turbo
  193. heavy hesitation/possible misfires???
  194. 60-1 Aftermarket coolant hookup q.
  195. opinions about magnetic oil drain plugs
  196. n/a 13b, turbo manifold
  197. Overheating
  198. Flooded engine.
  199. Bad Gas?
  200. Oil Cooler lines.
  201. Easy center iron question
  202. Oxygen Sensors?
  203. Modifing S4 Fuel Rails
  204. 89 drive shaft
  205. Spiking tach followed by actual misses
  206. Anyone else hate the OEM security system?
  207. My idle issues re-revisited (now with more FSM!)
  208. Fins on reman Water pump are different.
  209. Is my OMP broken?
  210. Fuel Pump Power
  211. S4 NA Water Temp Sender Location?
  212. It's been a rough month
  213. starting problem...
  214. My FC turns over but not giving spark
  215. choke
  216. coolant temp sensor
  217. Removed emissions, car runs bad at low rpms.
  218. Parts Interchangeability List
  219. Lets talk aftermarket turbo manifolds.
  220. Differences in clutches
  221. OMP lines filling half way
  222. Mods for TII w/ a T4 turbo?
  223. S4 TII & S5 TII fuel rails interchangable?
  224. Ignitors???
  225. Water cleaning
  226. HELP!!!!!! I Need An ECU For Turbo 90 Yesterday
  227. what FC's have a clutch type diff.
  228. my car starts but runs poorly
  229. NO Timing marks at all
  230. Car seems to pull harder at 1/2 throttle than WOT
  231. Injector size and type
  232. Wanted: Asap!!! Urgent... N370 Ecu
  233. Cold Air Intake -FREE
  234. Wiper switch rebuilds
  235. Power Steering Yeah or Nay
  236. What does this sound like to you?
  237. Water Injection Treatment Flooded my engine.
  238. hard start when hot
  239. *&&@#* Oil Injectors
  240. what fluid?
  241. compression?? odd readings
  242. AUX Port Shaft worn
  243. Oil Injector Nozzle Check Valves?
  244. Pressing out exhaust sleeves??
  245. Stock FPR Problems: Who else...
  246. Simple Exhaust Questions
  247. fuel injectors??
  248. is this dangerous? please help...
  249. Pre-silencer Q's
  250. S5 engine into S4?