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  1. Gearing for different year and model Trannies..
  2. Oil Change must have!
  3. Comparison between 13B REW, 13B- RE Cosmo, and 20B UIM
  4. Don't set up your AST and AST Elimination together.
  5. Rear Brake info...
  6. When Boost Rises, 02 Readings Fall.
  7. Quick Reference on how to Wet Sand
  8. 99 Mazda OEM Spoiler
  9. Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
  10. Pressurize fuel system to test for fuel leaks
  11. It's finally ALIVE!!! Need some help getting a few things sorted though.
  12. 1999 Cluster to 1993 FD..
  13. Just saying hi to all the 3rd gen owners out their
  14. Oil wetness/dripping under turbos?
  15. Low Secondary Boost -- How did you fix it?
  16. I need picture from the parts catalog of how Rear main seal and stationary
  17. Things that I didn't know....
  18. No tires for you!
  19. Thinking about ordering a clutch from horsepowerfreaks.com?
  20. How large of an exhaust is too large for a differential T-Brace?
  21. my new kevin landers rebuild picture
  22. single turbo conversion
  23. BULBS!! All the locations and type..
  24. Housing refurbishing
  25. Charlies7 coil bracket improvements
  26. TECH: Power steering conversion and A/C Removal
  27. Oil temp discussion
  28. Fender Side Markers
  29. What type of bulbs are these???
  30. what to do, something fell into oil filler
  31. Simplified Sequential Vacuum Hoses
  32. Need to find someone to port my motor...
  33. "turn signal' intake for oil coolers?
  34. DIY: Battery Relocation
  35. Okay, we need a duct for the ebay ic (xspower)
  36. What suspension should I use...
  37. Engine Rebuild Kit?
  38. Deal or no deal??
  39. Spec clutch stage 3+ = unhappy!
  40. LED light retro fit
  41. 3rd gen Alignment specs from Pettit Racing
  42. Anyone know how to convert PULL type to Push Type?
  43. Great way to clean your UIM
  44. How much oil for the shifter resovoir? (pic)
  45. OK Guys Help Me With My Problems
  46. Racing Brake, 99/RZ, 93 rotor/brake comparison..
  47. Clutch Adjustment, Can it help with slipping?
  48. Cut-outs !
  49. Pictures of my broken engine...
  50. Cost of Clutch Install?
  51. Hazard Light only turns on left blinkers... HELP!
  52. car covers??
  53. brake / clutch slave "speed bleeders"
  54. Any way to get window up without motor?
  55. An easier way to drain your oil?
  56. Anyone using Sard injectors?
  57. 2 questions, clutch bleeding
  58. front and rear pads and ss brake line kit
  59. FD3S Fluid Levels
  60. greddy catch can
  61. RX-7 Gas Milage, MPG
  62. little help w/ mazda reman
  63. Review: Super Pro Poly Urethane Diff Bushings
  64. I Need the part number for '99 undertray!
  65. Better Exhaust Gaskets
  66. Oil Coming out the blowoff, air bypass valve
  67. Power to Cigarette Lighter
  68. Almost ready for rebuild swap/t-78
  69. Odometer Problems HELP Plz :)
  70. What underpan are you running with FMIC
  71. Ported engine normal to have a rough idle?
  72. Any of you guys running Electric Air Pump and How?
  73. Transmission up-date
  74. 99 Spec Turbo Qs
  75. Pull type clutch release video (how to)
  76. Steel vs. Aluminum motor mounts?
  77. This winters project done...
  78. Ray Crowe's March Madness Sale! (extended into April)
  79. Keep or remove OMP....can't make up my mind...
  80. FD gauge dash: how the hell this thing works?
  81. rx7s in switzerland.
  82. Using an Xcessive LIM with 99 or stock twins
  83. problem starting rebuild
  84. Stuck rad drain plug!
  85. Greddy Profec B install
  86. Removing the oil filler neck?
  87. Just ordered a bunch of goodies from RX7.com
  88. Question on quality of pump gasoline
  89. 13B-REW to LS1 Perspective
  90. just installed MBC's, little concerned
  91. FD wheel reinforcement pic..
  92. Once You Go Black...
  93. Pulsing Idle Disappears when Idle Air Control Valve is Disconnected
  94. ? MotorMAX Cooling System Additive ?
  95. Oil system mods. Oil jets and pressure regulators
  96. Cold Air + Boost = Loss of traction and Boost Spike...
  97. another trip to mazda (another $400!)
  98. TECH: Your Intake Manifold
  99. rebuild first start, CEL 5 and 25, smoke from turbo side
  100. Oil smoke on startup, lots of oil in exhaust/turbo manifold...
  101. Simultaneous Hi & Lo Headlights
  102. made a couple vacuum/boost leak testers!
  103. Car wont start: weird clicking under intake manifold
  104. Transmission/Clutch Related (Need Help)
  105. Mazda O-ring set
  106. Map sensor issue, wiring?
  107. champagne test results w/ video
  108. cooling fan problem (please see the bold font especially)
  109. oil pressure regulator
  110. Air temps, what should they be?
  111. Power FC Programming
  112. Installing rear stationary gear
  113. part number 99940-1001, where are you?
  114. What rear counterweight should I be using with a 9lb centerforce flywheel?
  115. Couple pics of the repairs, FD surgery!
  116. Knightsports EBS wierd stuff
  117. Yes! Another 'car won't start' thread
  118. Am I insane for thinking this can be repaired?
  119. Any circuit board techs out there? I Need help
  120. What is the thickest wheel spacer that I can use?
  121. Just Replaced The Engine Harness
  122. ac not keeping charge - got lucky - o-ring
  123. RACING BEAT Aluminum Side Housings
  124. Finally... My N1 Hood has arrived from Japan
  125. Oil Injectors Venting?
  126. AIT Sensor Reading Negative on PFC
  127. Will it or wont it
  128. fd single tubo engine harness Q?
  129. 99 spec turn lamps
  130. A/C Control without ISC
  131. racing beat exhaust install
  132. Do the Secondary Injectors Operate on Startup?
  133. engine torque brace
  134. Guess this symptom...
  135. Rear End (Diff??) Noise
  136. alternator problems
  137. Oil pan sealing. Stripped bolt holes
  138. Exhaust System ?'s
  139. TECH: The Fuel Pressure Dampener
  140. Still Won't Run.
  141. Kan Tuned my wifes new FD!
  142. The REAL Question
  143. Wideband / Datalogit Info
  144. Intercooler mist cooling system
  145. factory looking gauges
  146. 14 AFR under 16 PSi out of nowhere
  147. Need some help
  148. Sensor Voltages
  149. Seibon Products: Found out something VERY interestin'...
  150. Where to buy trunk layout?
  151. Question?
  152. Need help with GT35R install...please!
  153. My 94 Custom Black on Black
  154. more boost
  155. best and worst products
  156. oil/filter opinions..
  157. Rear oil pipe on stock twins
  158. Where to buy gaskets?
  159. Paint question
  160. GT3582R (GT35/40R) power thread
  161. 4 or 5 Blades. Which is better? radiator cooling
  162. Phil...PM not workingh
  163. Not holding idle
  164. Speedo relation to ECU (Help)
  165. Dropping in motor. Lining up input shaft with pilot bearing?
  166. Dammit all to hell... need help.
  167. PFS Purple Box: what do u guys think
  168. Removing Rear tailights
  169. vin checks?
  170. This section is for FD technical information only
  171. Verifying OEM status
  172. Ray should do an end of summer sale
  173. No Parking Lights or Dash Lights, please help
  174. Back Up Lights
  175. Won"t hold fuel pressure?
  176. The impossible Has Happen
  177. Japan Vacation Part II, 7's Day/ (56K, Blow your head off)
  178. Mazdaspeed
  179. Thinking about sequential options
  180. No more adjustment on TPS
  181. Is Trust / Greddy out of business?
  182. FD Upgrades
  183. My engine build
  184. Vacuum lines for Single Turbo
  185. Simplified Sequential
  186. Replaced Differential Bushings
  187. Custom Nonseq.
  188. ignition issues on new motor
  189. Gauge Cluster Odometer
  190. Efficiency of "intakes" on turbo cars... your thoughts?
  191. Clutch party!
  192. Thermocouple and translator box for AIT signal
  193. TNS relay
  194. Need help!!!
  195. How low should I go?
  196. Ray Crowe Sale?
  197. Problem diagnosing "wheres the burning oil coming from?"
  198. Anyone want professional Pedals?
  199. My Prosport water temp gauge mod and install
  200. Aftermarket Coil questions
  201. A Cosmo
  202. Alternator Rebuild parts
  203. Question about single turbo vacuum diagrams
  204. Too much oil going to turbo?
  205. my new AutoEXE 99 spoiler deck...
  206. Installed Coilovers Need advice
  207. Single Turbo Choice: Street and AutoX Car
  208. HOW TO: wire reverse lights for auto -> manual swap
  209. Front Big Brakes
  210. My A-Spec 500R Kit Dyno Charts
  211. dead petal removal
  212. Check Engine, no power
  213. Gauging Interest: Rotary Run Racing Headlights!!!
  214. Cooling panel
  215. New FD Door Light Switch
  216. Engine Mounted Oil Catch Tank
  217. Garfinkle Engine Torque Brace in 3 rotor
  218. Re-upholster your FD's console or anything else... ask me how! Thread
  219. rx7..
  220. My new RE body kit..
  221. Oil Temperature Sender Location
  222. Coolant buzzer going off and your Coolant is full? Look inside...
  223. Where can I buy 99/RZ front and rear rotors.
  224. Slave/Master Cylinder / Oil Problem?
  225. fuel economy
  226. Tips on tightening down v-clamp on downpipe and turbo?
  227. weird no spark on stock FD
  228. Radiator Feedback Thread... post your experience here.
  229. Quick, Durable and Reliable 500PS on 13B-REW Engine?
  230. normal EGT temperatures
  231. high boost on stock sequential twins - pfc charts!
  232. Can the PPF be powder coated?
  233. Jumping Wiper Blades
  234. Air Pump removal, Something you need to know.
  235. Delrin Bushings
  236. JDM wiring diagrams
  237. Any experience with these intake manifold gaskets?
  238. Missing Bolt? Pix
  239. Posted some vids of the 7
  240. Main Fuse
  241. Nagisa Fender Braces
  242. wilwood big brake kit
  243. What bushings are these?
  244. power steering issue?
  245. M2 Turbos
  246. FJO Injector Driver New Version available
  247. Pearly White FD on Evil Forum
  248. fd problem
  249. Injector upgrade
  250. Purple heart fd3s