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  2. WTB: 04 GT ECU and ECU cooling plate and battery tie down
  3. FS: Brand New RX8 Eshaft, $180 shipped
  4. EXEDY TRIPLE Multiplate Clutch Kit NEW! - $1350 shipped!!!
  5. WTB: Rx8 Ecu/pcm
  6. FS: Stock Pulleys, Springs, Front Struts
  7. FS: Greddy E-Manage Blue, $200, Ont Can.
  8. WTB: Renesis front cover
  9. F/S brand new rx8 header!
  10. WTB Racing Beat air duct
  11. The need fundings so stock parts for sale thread
  12. Mazda rx-8 full exhaust
  13. Greddy Catback Exhaust for sale.
  14. Rx8 ecu
  15. os gieken triple
  16. B&B Test pipe
  17. WTB: RX8 Rear Diff Gears
  18. WTB: Renesis Rotorhousing and middle iron
  19. Clifford 5901 Responder LC3 SuperCode SST 2-Way Security and Remote Start System
  20. FS: RE Super Dolphin Exhaust, Chatt. TN
  21. FS: AEM 1900u RACE ECU 1550 shipped
  22. F/S rx8 motor for sale cheap!
  23. FS Turbo RX8 Drivetrain with everything 31k miles
  24. For sale/trade - Renesis motor parts
  25. FS: Good stock coils
  26. trade: My Reni 6 port, for your Reni 4 ports
  27. Brand New FD torsen LSD
  28. FS RB water temp adaptors
  29. FS: misc parts
  30. Wanted: RX-8 E-shaft
  31. WTB: Damaged RX8 rotor housings, Sheboygan, WI
  32. For Sale CAT and Mazsport IGN Solution
  33. Ported Renesis Shortblock
  34. F/S 2005 RX8 Motor w/ Only 37,677 Miles
  35. Brand New 2010 RX8 6 Speed Transmission
  36. Brand New RX8 5:12 Ring & Pinion
  37. RX8 Racing Beat Reflashed ECU's
  38. FS: Renesis e-shaft
  39. WTB: RX-8 engine rotors and counterweights
  40. FS: Esmeril Turbo Kit - Basically New!!! $4500m Tampa, FL
  41. WTB Renesis Tools
  42. fs 6 port renisis w/transmision super cheap!
  43. BHR coil kit
  44. FS: NEW Pro-EFI Dealer Setup with LOTS of Accessories $5k Shipped
  45. FS: NEW Pineapple Racing Dual EGT & Gauge Kit - $220 shipped
  46. NEW Davies-Craig EWP115 w/ controller
  47. Custom Pettit Supercharger Kit For Sale
  48. FS: RX-8 Racing Beat cat-back exhaust
  49. WTB: fuel injectors
  50. FS: Two Renesis engines
  51. WTB: renesis motor good or bad!
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