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  1. Goopy Performance Stony Point, NY
  2. Goopy apex seals
  3. Billet Goopy Oil Caps
  4. Billet Goopy Short oil neck
  5. Goopy Performance Oil blocks
  6. Goopy Performance 6Port Angle inserts
  7. Goopy Performance Oversize main bolts
  8. Goopy Performance ROTOR HOUSING REFURBISHING Services
  9. RX-8 Apex Seals Slot to Taller Rx7 Apex Seal
  10. Worlds largest Rotary gathering! The Pan Am Nationals ..Atco NJ July 15-17
  11. 10A Rotor Bearings ...Now Available !!!!
  12. Goopy Solid One Piece Dowel Pins ....Now in stock !
  13. Two East Coast Rotary events sep 1-3 Mapple Grove & Bridgeport CT
  14. 1969 10A Rebuild/Restoration ...Somthing new
  15. Scatter Shields Now available.
  16. Goopy Custom 12A Rotor Housings !
  17. Rotor cleaning & clearancing
  18. Mecanial Fuel pump Kits
  19. Turbo Flanges for STOCK 86-91 TII turbos.
  20. 2012 Orange County Choppers Mazda Meet April 21st
  21. Housing Spark Plug socket modification..Goopy Performance
  22. Modified Mag & joe Ferguson Rx8 Build using Goopy Parts
  23. 12A , 13B Rx8 Renesis USED short block parts bin
  24. Goopy Rotor scallops ...
  25. Goopy Semi-PP Lower manifolds for all years
  26. Goopy additional Injector spacers ...Big Fuel!
  27. Goopy 1/2" Studs ...Available for all 12A, 13B & 20B 3rotor.
  28. Goopy Performance Rotary Dyno Day
  29. Goopy Apex Small tire madness..Rotary VS Piston cars.
  30. We are back...