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  1. A tour of Defined Autoworks
  2. *NEW* A/C and P/S 20b conversion kit for FD!
  3. The Defined Autoworks 20b conversion kits
  4. Solid FD engine mounts available!
  5. What Defined Autoworks is, and what we do-
  6. One of our customer cars, 20b turbo FD
  7. Defined Autoworks Contact Information
  8. Engine Rebuild Structure
  9. Semi p-port housing service
  10. 20b race/high performance header
  11. Machined FD waterpump outlet
  12. High Horspower Sheet Metal 20b intake manifold
  13. Most powerful 20b n/a in the world? 475rwhp
  14. 700+ Rwhp 13b-rew/re hybrid built engine. *sold*
  15. 700+rwhp 13b-rew/re half-bridge For Sale. Immaculate!!
  16. Official Defined T-shirts Available!
  17. 4-Rotor Kit Group Buy! Defined Autoworks