View Full Version : 2nd Gen RX-7 Exterior Parts

  1. FS: Red Aluminum NA hood, $150, Columbia SC
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  3. WTB: FTP lens(drivers side) shipped to ohio
  4. FS: Black TII wing $125, s4 bumpers $30 ea, fenders $40 ea, black leather seats $75
  5. FS: S5 vert tails, very good condition, $175 shipped
  6. WTB: s5 red pass fender in Middle TN
  7. WTB: FTP Lenses Both sides - Maybe JDM if right $
  8. WTB: passenger fender and s4 mirrors
  9. WTB: FC mirrors, anything you got!
  10. FS: Fiberglass hatch frame w/lexan window, $400
  11. FS: Finish Line Rear Spoiler
  12. FS or BO: S5 Doors/Sunroof Assy/Rear Hatch in SC 29414
  13. FS: Mirrors S4 TII, $50+S, and S5 Aero Style, $65+S
  14. WTB: S5 driver's side FTP.
  15. WTB: S5 Driver Door Handle Blaze Red
  16. WTB: Doors
  17. WTS: S5 Pass. FTP, S5 Fog Lights.
  18. WTB: Racing Beat convertible spoiler
  19. WTB: FC Doors, Mirrors, Fenders
  20. CHEAP random lenses
  21. Aluminum T2 hood, Ohio, $200
  22. Aero mirrors and JDM folding
  23. FS: WANGAN wing, $200 shipped
  24. WTB S5 Tails
  25. FS: S5 rear bumper, hood, headlights, driver fender
  26. WTB: S5 front turn signals and FTP.
  27. FS: s5 driver tailight or both
  28. WTB: Battery box top
  29. WTB: 4 Hood bolts
  30. FS: S5 Tailights 250 shipped
  31. FS: Stock S5 rear Spoiler(wing) needs painting(red)
  32. FS: Midnight Blue NA Aluminum Hood, Bay Area CA
  33. WTB S5 Driver's side tail light, or both!
  34. 86-88 Random parts
  35. WTB: Jdm rear molding piece
  36. FS: s5 exterior black moldings $100 shipped.
  37. FS: S5 Mirrors $65 shipped
  38. FS: s5 tails (or trade for TII hood)
  39. FS: S5 side mirrors & 86-88 ground effects/aerokit
  40. 88 body parts
  41. WTB: S5 Vert Tail lights shipped to CA
  42. FS: Small Exterior Moulding pieces S5 $10 + shp.
  43. Door from the '86 SE
  44. WTB: S4 'duckbill' style sport spoiler.
  45. wtb: s5 passenger side power mirror (black)
  46. FS: Convertible top
  47. WTB: 88 driver's side headlight motor
  48. Aluminum TII Hood For Sale
  49. Pass. Side Door Handle.
  50. Sunroof F/S in Wash. DC
  51. WTB: S5 front nose & stripping
  52. Pair of injectors.
  53. wtb, driver side fender and few parts
  54. wtb s5 front bumper
  55. Pic Request~Drift FC's
  56. wtb cheap round tails
  57. WTB: Vert Tonneau Cover and S4 NA LSD
  58. Bumpers up for sale.
  59. FS S5 body parts
  60. FS smoked sunroof spoiler
  61. FS: local pick up SC
  62. wtb driver side door
  63. s5 tails
  64. S4 Fuel Tank with Straps.
  65. S4 Silver Sunroof for sale.
  66. FS: JSpec Folding mirrors *Two sets*
  67. FC Y pipe and TII Front Springs and Shocks
  68. FS: Attain Exhaust Guard Replicas(JLK Racing)
  69. (FC) Brand new Shine Front Bumper - $350 (In Oregon)
  70. FS: XTD, Re-Amemiya, different aero, S5TII
  71. wtb manual transmission mounting points
  72. S5 Fuel Tank & Pump For Sale.
  73. FS: turbo diff/axles/driveshaft
  74. FS: Turbo II hood
  75. Door Handles for sale.
  76. WTB: WORKING Power Antenna Assy, w/mast or not, ship to Antioch, TN 37013
  77. FS: GP full body kit - BNIB, $250 OBO
  78. FC clear corners (s5 or S4)
  79. 10TH AE Exterior, S5 Fog Lights, Wiperless hatch
  80. WTB: FC Mud Guards
  81. WTB: S5 Tails
  82. FS: S5 Tails, S4 Duckbill wing, NEW 30mm wider Fenders and Quarters, (Indiana 46112)
  83. FREE: Red NA Steel Hood
  84. S5 and S4 rear bumpers for sale, And Brake ducts, And headlight washer bottle,
  85. S4 Tails. No cracks.
  86. All my stuff! fc (turbo/non) lots of goodies. TN
  87. WTB Passenger Side Window
  88. WTB aluminum s4 undertray
  89. FS - S5 Tailights
  90. Emblems from rear of car.
  91. FS s5 fog light's with bracket's $50 shipped
  92. S5 Mirrors (White)
  93. S4 white Outside door handles
  94. Wanted: S4 Plastic center section between tail lights
  95. again..WTB.S5 Front Signals(complete)
  96. FS: Aluminum Hoods, 1-TII (black) 1-Vert (red)
  97. FS TII Hood
  98. Wanted S4 rear bumper cover (white)
  99. FS - Factory S5 TII lip spoiler
  100. WTB: S5 Drivers door handle - exterior - Atlanta
  101. FS: FC body panels, free-make offer, Sheboygan WI
  102. FS: S4 Front Bumper, Pass side door handle, S4 FTP lenses, S4 Turn signals.
  103. WTB T2 hood scoop
  104. WTB: Exhaust hangers
  105. FS: S4 tail lights and front bra cover
  106. wtb rear diffuser
  107. FS: HELLA 90mm high beams
  108. FS: (FC3S) Shine RE-Amemiya CF Rear Diffuser + CF Side Generators + Center Fins
  109. WTB Tll HOOD ASAP!!
  110. WTB..S5 door handle.....
  111. WTB: Passenger S5 taillight
  112. S5 Vert Driver Tail
  113. 2nd gen body kit $500
  114. WTB: RE type wing
  115. for sale or trade! 10 AE Badges
  116. TII Hoos scoop
  117. WTB: FC items
  118. WTB: Saratoga glass moonroof
  119. Wanted S4 Rear quarter panel mouldings
  120. FS: TII Aluminum Hood, $300 obo, Lakeland, FL 33813.
  121. WTB: S5 front bumper: Socal
  122. 86-91 Front Fender Lenses both left & right
  123. Fs: S4 na parts in jackson, tn
  124. WTB: Good Condition Stock Fenders
  125. WTB T2 hoos scoop
  126. FS: S5 tail lights
  127. WTB: S5 JDM fog lights
  128. WTB: S5 Front Bumper
  129. WTB: Rear License Plate Holder
  130. FS: FC items Middle TN
  131. WTB - FTP lenses
  132. Mazda Bra for 2nd gen
  133. wtb 10th ae bronze windshield
  134. WTB: rear section black vert roof.
  135. FS/FT: Aluminum TurboII Hood *CLEAN*, Passenger Side S5 Aero Mirror
  136. WTB: S5 Driver's side door, ship to APO 96375
  137. Circuit Theory's summer sale 2010
  138. S4 tail lights free!
  139. stuff found on ebay
  140. FS/FT - Paint & clearcoat, Greddy Cast mani, Feed exh/DP, fuel railsw/AN, RTek
  141. S5 Tails - $150 OBO - CA
  142. S5 tails
  143. GP-1 body kit duraflex
  144. Brand New Steel Hood and Driver Fender
  145. RE-A Spolier
  146. Hella H4 Housings
  147. FS: Raybrig Multi Reflector headlights, $160 including shipping from Japan
  148. WTB Driver Side Mirror Glass
  149. wtb saratoga moonroof or pacific
  150. WTB: Trying to find a damn S5 OEM TII LIP!!! AGHHHHHHH!!
  151. WTB Shine Auto Front Bumper
  152. For Sale Wangan Style/ JRX spoiler for 2nd Gen FL
  153. kaminari body kit
  154. Mazda Dealership Promo Flags
  155. S5 Taillights
  156. FS Pacific Glass Sunroof
  157. Leftover parts
  158. 10th AE badges & 3 Rotor Badge
  159. WTB: Turbo II Aero Mirrors
  160. FS - CA - S5 Exterior Conversion(Bumpers, Lights, Fogs, Sideskirts)
  161. WTB: GP Sports Body Kit/ BN bodykit, etc.
  162. Original East Bear Headlights
  163. Possible F/S or WTT: MS Scoop
  164. WTB: section of s5 bumper (from junk bumper)
  165. F/S S5 Carbon Rear Bumper Exhaust Guards
  166. FS: FC hid retrofits,Dayton Ohio, 45322
  167. WTB: Turbo II Sideskirts
  168. FS: extremely lightweight carbonfiber mirrors
  169. WTB S5 front bumper.
  170. WTB: S5 mouldings
  171. FS: 2nd gen Non turbo hood $50.00
  172. WTB: Fibreglass FC sunroof panel
  173. WTB Passenger Headlight motor
  174. wtb outer fc molding/trim
  175. WTB: S5 OEM TII side skirts
  176. FS: ShineAuto Exterior parts..
  177. Clearing my garage
  178. S5 FC Front Tow Hook Ronin Speedworks on SALE, different colors to choose from!
  179. FS: FC RX7 Aluminum hoods
  180. FS: S5 TII skirts, FRP fenders, hatch and more
  181. FS: S5 Taillights
  182. FS - S5 parts
  183. FS: Corksport RE Amemyia wing, $190, Chicago IL 60074
  184. FS- S5 tail lights
  185. For Sale, S5 taillights
  186. For Sale, S5 side mirrors
  187. Aero mirrors and lights and everything else
  188. WTB: TII hood (will need shipping)
  189. Wtb: Rx7 fc3s clear side markers!
  190. S5 vert tail lights
  191. FS: WI, S4 N/A engine part out.
  192. FS: '89 Vert bumper lights TX, 77079
  193. WTB: S5 Euro front turn signals for FC
  194. WTB (buy/borrow): TII hood
  195. WTB s5 driver's side mirror
  196. Part for sale - 90 vert targa top portion only
  197. FS: RX7 S5 Taillights
  198. FS: RX7 (FC) Wangan Wing - Primerwhite - with Pics!
  199. FS: s5 trim, aluminum hood, targa top
  200. fs s5 n/a hood $50 beaverton, or 97007
  201. Stock alumnium hood, and front bumper
  202. Give-Away Parts
  203. Wanted: S5 red drivers door (coupe)
  204. Wanted: 86-91 Rear Bumper Support Brackets
  205. folding mirrors/glass sunroof/10ae glass/mazdaspeed lip/s5 bumpers/louvers/ETC.
  206. FS: FC wiper-less rear window, APR mirrors, etc...
  207. FS S5 side mirrors
  208. WTB: Aluminum hood either flat or turbo ll
  209. FS Re-amemiya 96786