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  1. Zero Clearance Side Seals
  2. Cooling System Mods
  3. Calibrating tachometer after 20B swap.
  4. Flywheel and EShaft Pulley N&B
  5. Parts Cleaning Guide
  6. Anybody ever had a core rejected by Mazda?
  7. Re-conditioning side plates ( resurfacing and re hardening)
  8. How Air "Works"
  9. engine flooding
  10. Where should i put the muffler in the system?
  11. Mapping after Rebuild?
  12. 13b four port build ideas. 12a GSLSE vs 13BT
  13. Engine on a stand... How long?
  14. Gasket Descriptions
  15. Do you adjust your gaskets?
  16. Camden Superchargers?
  17. Tachometer Correct?
  18. Adjustment on an old HKS "super" blow off?
  19. Gutting or Removing the Thermostat
  20. Forced Induction for Dummies (Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous)
  21. Red silicone sealant removal?
  22. hav u had 13b nt cut out at 4000 rpm
  23. Synthetic (Royal Purple) is OK for us!!!
  24. Keeping a hill climb turbo rotary cool
  25. What's this stuff on my plugs?
  26. Turbo sizing...T4, 13BT SP, 9.4 rotors.
  27. 13b housing question.
  28. Off beat idea for rotor housings.
  29. Other Rotary - OS 4.9cc Model Wankel Engine Pics!
  30. Thoughts on 1 piece 2mm seals?
  31. The 13B NA Power Thread.
  32. General exhaust tuning guidelines/tips
  33. S5 6 port turbo
  34. Mazda Rx-8 Starting problem Need Help plz....
  35. Bridge Port / Coolant Seal Question
  36. ports not matching from engine to intake
  37. MSD 6A vs. HKS Twin Power
  38. Turbo Manifold Construction
  39. Cleaning out a few different things
  40. Grounding
  41. alternator
  42. rebuild question
  43. Crazy NA engines
  44. Differences between side draft manifolds?
  45. Viton oil control rings
  46. Hurley Apex Seals....
  47. Polishing Rotors - Pros and Cons
  48. good external pump for EFI conversion?
  49. Racing beat megaphone
  50. Looking for Hylomar item#25249
  51. Roller bearings for the stationary gears
  52. JW Performance manifolds?
  53. Looking for some SAE papers
  54. Ash content corrolations to Pre-Ignition
  55. Megasquirt Info Thread
  56. Oil Pump O-ring mod. Willing Testers NEEDED
  57. After Market Coatings
  58. Small vs mild vs large streetport
  59. Semi-PP thought/question
  60. Brazing rear iron dowel on S4 13BT??
  61. Engine Rebuild - which route to take
  62. Walbro fuel pump disassembly
  63. book review: "Street Rotary" by Mark Warner
  64. Do your coolant temps and AIT's a favor
  65. 6 port porting...
  66. Weigh your car, not model cars
  67. Rotary Engine Failure due to Side Rotor/Side Rotor Housing Clearance..
  68. Intake manifold construction
  69. Intake manifold modifications
  70. apex seal reversal...
  71. renesis swap
  72. EGT temperature ranges??
  73. i'm thinking about steam cleaning the engine...
  74. Some babbling on about E85
  75. Ignition Thoughts/Ideas/Recommendations
  76. Causes of Rotary engine failure
  77. can i use a turbo to blow through a holley
  78. what motor should i build
  79. I need 250hp @ 4000ft msl. Turbo or NA?
  80. flywheel??????
  81. epoxy + exhaust sleeve...
  82. Pre-Mix
  83. New engine....great
  84. Why Apex Seals Fail
  85. Methonal Injection
  86. 6-Port Power
  87. Rotary Development
  88. who makes a good wideband?
  89. A new thought for twins - Compound Turbos? Maybe?
  90. Who says you can't have an emmisions LEGAL 400+RWHP rotary?
  91. 87 13b won't idle and lack of power
  92. T04E housing on a hybrid turbo
  93. No oil pressure
  94. turbo header manifold
  95. Rotary talk with RE amemiya
  96. How your rotary works
  97. Air filters for ITBs
  98. machining rotors
  99. Rotor information
  100. 13BT and REW hybrid engine questions
  101. I need your old fucntioning stock coils
  102. Intake Design Exploration
  103. PP Renesis exhaust...
  104. RxLESS
  105. Heat Wrap ?
  106. is an AEM 30-4100 linear or non linear?
  107. rebuilding a motor, something strange?
  108. 1st gen vs 2nd gen
  109. 1st gen or 2nd gen
  110. cooling issue....custom car
  111. Should I be able to boost with blown seals?
  112. little plastic seal
  113. Question for Sheepdog BOV on 13B
  114. Compression Tester
  115. Possible 4-Port N/A Start?
  116. Coolant additives tech article for discussion.
  117. Garrett CHRA cracking?
  118. After market fuel pressure regulator vacuum line
  119. Has anyone seen this? rotary museum in Germany?
  120. Read these plugs please.
  121. 2mm rotors in a pre 86 motor
  122. Old School Rotary (snowmobiles and Motorcycles)
  123. Looking to buy, engine question
  124. E85 in RX7
  125. looking for IC parts
  126. any oem D shaft tps sensors?
  127. TPS reading is unstable.
  128. Bridgeport info.
  129. 1st time engine builder and the shit locked up. What did I do wrong?
  130. Re-using stock seals
  131. In Chamber Testing
  132. Heat sheilding??
  133. Future build opinions..
  134. Exhaust Port relocation ideas.
  135. Estimating Exhaust Sound Levels
  136. Exhaust decibel data
  137. BSFC Numbers for Rotary
  138. Made a little boo boo
  139. media choices for cleaning the motor
  140. bridge size and water jacket clearence...
  141. Tps
  142. Who`s Dowel pinning engine`s these days
  143. Why did my engine blow?
  144. 48ida help
  145. Using values to derive the general shape of a rotor
  146. rx4 coupe 13b turbo
  147. kerosene
  148. crank angle
  149. Crankcase vapor vent/recirc system
  150. Building my own ignition....
  151. Wideband controller, narrowband emulation
  152. Degree wheel for port timing
  153. Is this rotor usable?
  154. 13B Extend Port exhaust question - help needed
  155. Polishing intake runners
  156. Rear main seal, rear stationary gear o-ring
  157. help, looking to build a bad a$$ 6-port?
  158. vinegar solution for cleaning coolant passages
  159. rx4 coupe 12a help
  160. Cosmo 13B RE stationary gears in 13B
  161. RA/Sohn MOP adapter
  162. Beneficial gauges in a 13B
  163. Forgive my ignorance, A/M ignition
  164. high boost @ low rpm torque monster setup
  165. Flooded after oil change 13B Non Turbo
  166. GIZZMO LIM gasket
  167. Oil injection hole... Put to good use?
  168. Goopy Performance resurfaced rotor housings,THEY WORK!!!
  169. Anyone ever hear of JP Racing??
  170. Budget 12A SP build
  171. Lower LIM gasket/spacers
  172. Aquamist Summer
  173. Question about recirculating BOV back into turbo
  174. Best way to measure rotor bath??
  175. Rotor and Stationary Gear Clearancing? ?
  176. Roller Rotary
  177. Renesis questions
  178. Fuel Injector Specs Question
  179. Info on Filters. Oil, fuel, air.
  180. FD3S Knock Sensor
  181. Help needed with a Thermo fan
  182. Eccentric Shaft End Play?
  183. Why go to the trouble? ...........
  184. rotor shaped exhaust?
  185. Widebands
  186. Water to air intercoolers.
  187. Spark Plugs & AFR changes
  188. MSD coils on 13Brew OE ignition system?
  189. Common Points of Engine Failure
  190. Turbo Tuning
  191. 3mm Wire EDM cut rotors.
  192. Flooded 12a(not with gas)
  193. Maximum boost thread (93 oct > pump petrol/gasoline only!)
  194. 1 piece apex seal
  195. Moronic Tuning "Advice" WARNING! (Related to RX7Club)
  196. 78 glc rew build wiring help.
  197. General Tuning Advice (Complete with data)
  198. April 10.. everybody is invited..
  199. wastegates and emap
  200. Is this rotor reusable?
  201. Spark plug issues
  202. EGT and MPG
  203. Rotary Engine Run In!
  204. Porting, What do you guys think?
  205. Suggestions on when to do a rebuild
  206. turbo opinions
  207. Displacement on demand
  208. Hylomar, which to use?
  209. Go / No Go Gauge Size for Corner Seals
  210. Which turbo for 350whp on a 13BT
  211. Defined Autoworks Header Install!
  212. Actual Rotary Displacement Request
  213. Fuel Cooling?
  214. S5 Oversized Stat Gear Bearings?
  215. Aeromotive 340
  216. for RICE
  217. Coolant leaking out between rear iron and trans...
  218. Oil-cooled only turbos?
  219. Quick fuel pump question
  220. An argument for tracking used seal location
  221. Balancing question!
  222. tips on building a high rpm motor
  223. Potential problems using wiper fluid
  224. Cleaning your WI nozzle
  225. s4 n/a 13b in a 84 gsl se
  226. Oil routing: how are these suppose to be connected?
  227. starter question
  228. oil
  229. Two Piece Apex Seals?
  230. Engines to use in a Locost?
  231. air to air or water to air?
  232. Any tricks to getting front pulley hub bolt off?
  233. coatings and treatments
  234. look at what i found
  235. Powder coating motors
  236. newbie trying to choose a 13B
  237. Semi pp N/A build: question thread
  238. coils
  239. Turbo + ITBs
  240. Hand finishing Cermet coating?
  241. Cereamic Coating Intake Manifolds?
  242. t4 vs t3 t4 hybrid
  243. Molykote 111
  244. From the guys that brought you mad mikes 26B
  245. electronic wastegate
  246. Powerglide to Rotary Adapter - Where
  247. Add a little "power" to my DD engine
  248. Seal organization
  249. The Number One Reliability Mod for the Rotary Engine.
  250. The #1 turbo rotary reliability modification?