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\r\n s5 Infini RHD -RIP
\r\nS6 Efini RHD RE, Custom Burnout -Build in progress\r\n
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Cool The Official Mazda RX7 GTUs Owners Club Thread

Register Here:

Ever heard of the 1/100 non restamped 89/90 GTUs rx7s? There was only 1100 GTUs models created between 1989 and 1991 and only 100 of them did not get an X through the firewall.
These 100 Non restamped models are the rarest rx7 fc's ever produced.
out of that 100 made there were only three color options:
83 red on black
10 black on black
7 white on blue
There is a list that has been going on the RX7Club for over 17 years now that shows almost everyone of the hard to find 100 rare models. So far there are only 41 of the cars that have been found!

I am Number 41. My build thread has my car well cataloged and I will be placing my vin on the list here as well, however this list I am putting my name on here is over two years old and the last person who posted on it was the admin of the club who just started the 1500 10th AE Turbo II model thread.

So that has me making a new thread for 2020, one that will show what is still around today. There are only 100 of these models that are not restamped and do not have an X through the firewall and so far in the last 20 years there has only been 41 of them found around the entire world!

So this has me asking the question, how many are there left? If there was only 43 of them found, how many of those 43 still exist? How many of those vin numbers still exist today?

This is not a thread to argue how they came to be or what they came with, this is a VIN registry thread. If you have or know of the GTUs and can show that it is alive please post up!

How do you know you have a GTUs??? There are many rumors to how they came to be. Here are a couple facts that will assure you have one:
The vin number will be non turbo, but the inner door tags will show it as a turbo. Only the turbo cars came with 16inch rims, these tags are reserved only for them, the GTUs has that door tag with a non turbo vin. Other parts include a 4:30 differential, different gearing to the steering rack and transmission, turbo seats, no sunroof. Some say they were promo cars to be 20b na's, some say just turbo cars, some say they just threw **** together and called it a rx7. Fact is the VIN and the door tags will let you know, the other parts will assure how unmolested it is!

So lets start the list of what GTUs cars still exist in 2020:

Here is my 1989 1/100 non restamped GTUs.

s5 Infini RHD -RIP
S6 Efini RHD RE, Custom Burnout -Build in progress

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