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Default Wanted to share my Radium surge tank set-up with you guys

Whats up guys!!! The past couple weeks I've spent some time putting together a surge tank Set up for my track car. I Compete in Formula Drift Pro-Am through Just Drift's "Top Drift." And if you have a surge tank set up it needs to be sealed off from the Cabin of the car. With out FD's...the trunk and cabin share the same space and there is no divider. So I had to Make one. I used Lexan 1/8" sheet, some Alum brackets, and window molding to make a "Fire Barrier." I chose to go with a Radium Surge tank because they've been around a while and had a track tested, Proven, and attractive set up that worked for my Application. I went with the Dual External Bosch 044 set up that pulls from the Radium surge. Which meant that I needed to add an In tank "Lifter" pump in the OEM fuel tank. Although I love Bosch...I couldn't find a 040 Anywhere!!! so I ended up going with dual Walbro 400 E85 Pumps. I also wanted to make sure I didn't need to dig around in The OEM tank to trouble shoot issues etc....And although I'm sure the Walbro Pumps are fine... I've only ever used Bosch pumps. So just to be on the safe side.. I went ahead and ordered An extra Walbro 400 E85 Pump. So I have 2 Walbro 400 E85 Pumps in tank. I didn't want to have my fuel pumps draining my charging system with tons of draw... so only One of the Walbro "lift" pumps will be running at a time. The other one will be a back up.. Just in case I have any issues with failure at the track. This is just a precaution..because swapping pumps at the track is never fun. ...so the extra pump will be in tank "on the ready,"....and to make it work all I need to do is swap the Connector to the other pump. Due to the Dual Pumps.. I wanted the very best out there.. So I Hit up CJ-Motorsports and Ordered one of their Newly Revised CJ-Motorsports dual pump hangers with the Walbro hanger. This Unit is Definitely the nicest set up i've seen..and is an excellent deal for the quality of the piece/Engineering you get. Custom Black Ano too!! Lastly, I made an Aluminum Mounting plate to give the set up a nice surface to mount to...as well as keep the fuel components off the car for heat protection. Covered both sides of the Mounting plates with PTP Turbo Blankets Reflective Gold adhesive barrier to help deflect heat as well.

So here's a break down of the set up:

- All AN-8 Earls PTFE Speed Flex Hose Covered with PTP Turbo Blanket Heat Sleeve
- Race Works AN-8 Fittings (designed for use with PTFE hose)
- Swapped all An-6 Bulkhead fittings for AN-8, (2) Reducers on Flex Fuel sensor
- CJ-Motorsports Updated CNC Cut Black Anodized Dual Pump Hanger (light weight!!)
- Dual Walbro 400 E85 Pumps In tank (Lifters) One on the ready, the other working
- Feeding, 10 Micron Radium Stainless Mesh Fuel Filter W/optional Heat Sink Mount
- To the Radium Horizontal Mounted Surge tank with Dual Bosch -044's
- Dual Bosch 044's Pulling from the surge tank Linked with Radium Pump Manifold
- Pushing through an Earls 10 Micron Stainless Fuel Filter
- To the Fuel Rail, AN-8 Bulkhead Fitting from Hatch area to under car, to fuel rail
- Back from Turbo Smart FPR2000
- From under car to AN-8 Bulkhead fitting back through to Rear Hatch area
- To Radium Surge Tank Return Port
- To Radium Surge Tank Overflow
- To Continental/GM Flex Fuel Sensor (Reduced from AN-8 to AN-6 then Back to AN-8
- Ending back at the CJ-Motorsports Dual Pump Hanger Return AN-8 Port

And now for pics!!


CJ-Motorsports Dual Pump Hanger


Passenger side View Radium Surge Tank

Drivers side View

Over Head View

Through the glass

You can get the Radium Surge tanks in different configurations here:
Universal Fuel Surge Tanks

CJ-Motorsports Dual Pump Hanger:
CJM Twin Pump, FD RX7 | CJ Motorsports

PTP Turbo Blankets Fire Sleeve:

If you guys have any questions Please do ask me!!!!

Let me know what you guys think!!!! Thanks much!


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You already posted this in your build thread....
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Lexan as a bulkhead to keep all that stuff from smacking you in the back of the head and covering you in flammable stuff when things go wrong is a terrible idea. Other than that, looks pimp.

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I believe the NHRA requires a 0.040" minimum METAL baffle to completely isolate your fuel system to the interior.
I would think SCCA would have a similar rule, and all your other racing organizations would too...

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because you're only as good as your backup
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