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Default 2012 RX7 FD3S Calendar Group Buy

The 2012 RX7 FD3S Calendar is ready!!!!

I usually produce a 3rd gen calendar on the other forum, and this year I wanted to make it available over here because a lot of us use both forums.

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and participated in the many voting threads (if you are on both forums). The calendar looks wonderful (even better than 2011), and can be shipped in time for the Holidays.

The price of the calendar is $16.99 (including shipping within the US). If you live outside of the US, you will have to pay whatever the incremental shipping cost is (last year I didn't see anything over $20, and usually under $10). If you are ordering more than 5 at once, please do not use the Paypal button, PM me instead.

Please use the paypal button to order, or go to www.polakgraphics.com

(if you need international shipping, please make a normal order, I will then follow up with you via email to settle the shipping balance)

Please give all of the sponsors a big thanks. They really came through this year in helping keep the cost down, and as always, they continue to support the community with great services and honesty.

Platinum Sponsors:
- Banzai Racing - I can actually speak from a return customer perspective, and can honestly say their products and customer service are among the best available for the RX7. Their capability and attention to detail also speaks for itself, check out their incredible 20b FD3S.

- Advanced Race Technology - A great shop in Florida that's becoming more and more prominent. Check out Theorie's ongoing build and you'll be able to see some of their amazing work, everything from custom manifolds to tuning on the dyno. They also support a wide range of platforms, from RX7's and Supra's to American and European classics.

- Polak Graphics – They have been a great supporter of the RX7 community, offering custom shirts, decals, and other nice items for anything rotary and more. I'm happy to announce that this very calendar will now be available for order at www.polakgraphics.com
Gold Sponsors:
-IRP - One of the very few reputable shops in the North East, and have built dual purpose cars that can run smoothly on the street and tear it up on the track.

- SakeBomb Garage - These guys continue to provide some of the highest quality and innovative products around. Check out their new JDM Passenger Footrest, and while you're at it take a look at their HID's, Oil Coolers, Door Handles, and much more.

- BuiltNotBought.com - This is actually a project that is still in the works, and should be up and running in early 2012. It is a forum for the car builder, you'll still need the usual forums for car specific info, but a lot of fabrication and modification ideas and techniques can be shared across multiple platforms. BuiltNotBought.com will be a great place to consolidate some of creative ideas that go into some of the most jaw dropping builds and allow members access to a broader knowledge base.

Thanks for all you do. And thanks to the entire RX7 community for being the best group of car people around (trust me, I attempted to make G35 and 350Z calendars this year, that was an epic fail due to the nature of those communities).

Now, on to more important things, here's what it actually looks like!!!
-The calendar is normal wall calendar size. And due to the nature of how this calendar is compiled, the screen names are from the other forum, but there’s no reason why the awesomeness of RCC can’t have access to it 

Cover Shot: Prew

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January: Crispy (typo in this pic but has been corrected in the calendar before printing)

February: Integral

March: CuracaosFinest

April: thewird

May: Zhe

June: Brent Dalton

July: Theorie

August: sinned2545

September: supernaut

October: KenSpeC

November: Mitchocalypse

December: RCCAZ 1
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Just ordered a couple! Looks like another killer calendar!
Road Atlanta August 2011 NASA TT 1:33
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Thanks Dude, and thanks for the awesome pic Mr. June, haha.
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Oh man, bit late for this now. Will be ordering the 2013 one though
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