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Default Tekniq STREET Snap-Off System binding lock

Dropped in here for reference...


Tekniq has already stopped producing these things, as they have only kept the RACE version of this system which does NOT include the lock.

If you owned one of the older STREET systems which has the tubular lock, you may run into binding problems with the lock itself.
I own one of the last ones that were produced, and I've owned it about 2 - 3 years now.
Recently, I found that the lock tumbler was binding when I needed to unlock the unit to remove.
I thought the lock needed to be replaced, but it turned out to be an easy fix...

The lock tumbler itself is held with a single spring pin - easy to remove and install.
There is only one spring pin, and it's the larger of the obvious pins on the outside of the cylinder.
The really tiny pins are roll pins that keep the assembly together - don't touch them!
The larger spring pin is easy to depress and remove the lock cylinder.
Once that's out, lube the single, small spring and the locking latch from the inside - I find this is cleaner, since grease should stay inside the lock cylinder rather than greasing it from the outside with the chance the grease and leak out onto everything.
You don't need to go overboard; just coat the parts with a light coating of your favorite grease.

I didn't realize until after doing this, but the lock latch actually rotates when you turn the lock tumbler.
I always assumed the lock latch just retracted in, but it's this turning motion that was causing the binding.

Once everything is lubed, the lock turned like butter!
Even the *click* sound when the lock engaged when putting the steering wheel on disappeared - not necessarily a positive thing, since that was what told me the steering wheel was positively engaged.
The lock system did not work this smooth even when it was brand new, so I doubt the lock was ever lubed from the factory...

Whatever the case, problem solved!

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