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Default FC Zach's '87 Sport

If you have met me or seen my 7 at DGRR/B3R then you probably noticed it's carbed and if you know me personally then you have probably heard me whine about it at one point or another. Years ago (many) I wanted to be different with my 2nd Gen, so I stripped the engine bay down to have nothing I didn't need and have just what I did need. I love simplicity and wanted it to be basic. When I first installed the RB Holley kit I loved it, it did what I wanted it to do and I was happy with it until it got to the point where I overcomplicated what should be a simple set up. Eventually it got to the point where I hated the Holley carb and the constant adjustments that were required to get it to run ok at best.

The last straw was on the way to B3R last year when I barely made it up a hill because the engine loaded up with sooooo much fuel that it nearly died (this has happened way too many times before this incident). I lost my temper to say the least and placed parts orders as soon as I figured out what I wanted to do and where to get the parts.

I wanted to retain the simplistic aesthetics that I've always had with my engine bay and to do this I decided I would keep the intake manifold and use a proper sized throttle body and also by removing the distributor and replacing it with a trigger wheel along with a slimmer coil design that's more up to date than what I had been using.

Here is an old pic from many years ago, this is the old set up.

The first major purchase was the throttle body. After years of searching, looking for a throttle body that wasn't too big, I finally made my decision. I chose an efi Hardware 700cfm throttle body. Thing sure is a work of art, it has ball bearing shafts and a smooth CNC machined finish. It's also nice that the TPS is an easily sourced GM part.

I chose to run a Sprint RE ecu to control everything, I was amazed by how small this thing is. Will be mounted in a gutted OE ecu.

I wanted a more accurate measurement for oil pressure/temp as well as air/fuel, so with the help of Ludwig I chose these Defi gauges and a Haltech wideband controller. The Defi gauges will also be used to monitor fuel pressure/water temp via switches (as soon as I figure out how to do so).

I had to purchase a filter pedestal in order to install pressure/temp sensors.

I eventually want to run a cold air intake so I searched for an undivided carb bonnet. Maybe even a turbo one day

Completely changed fuel setup.

New injectors, went with Bosch EV14s.

For the ignition I chose to use the FFE trigger wheel over OEM CAS.

Coils will be the IGN-1As, I originally planned on mounting them with the use of this SakeBomb universal mounting kit but that was until I saw RiceRacing designing a true COP design with use of these coils. Sold the SB kit and now anxiously waiting on the RR kit

While I was changing things I wanted a more efficient cooling fan and a better mount for it so I had a local fabricator make a shroud for my new fan.

That's it for now. . I'm waiting on delivery of the new coil mount and I have Ludwig making a harness for me, as soon as these arrive I can start assembling everything and assuming there are no issues with anything I'll have (hopefully) enough time to get the car on the dyno for some tuning to be ready for DGRR. Crossing fingers and hoping for the best. worse case scenario I'll drive the daily.

1992 Toyota Celica Turbo AllTrac
1987 Mazda RX7 Sport
1979 Rotary Yamaha Golf Cart
1976 Hercules W2000
1975 Dolmar KMS4

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