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Default Pettit Racing RX-8 Forced Induction System

Pettit Racing RX-8 Forced Induction System

- 60-100 additional horsepower and torque with only 5-8 psi boost
- Superb drivability and overall performance
- Reliable and easy to maintain
- D.I.Y. installation, with easy to follow instructions
- Only the highest quality components

Stage II Forced Induction Kit $5,995 w/o management
Fits all RX8 models both 4 and 6 port

Our latest release Stage II “CS” is capable of 280-300 whp, includes our PCM recal kit and the addition of a hi flow cat. Available for 04-07 manual trans model and 6-port automatics only.

The PCM recal kit is $995 and includes the following:
1 Pettit Billet cnc machined MAF tube,
1 K&N air filter
1 EFI Dude Pro logger device
1 Pettit FI Stage II recal file
1 Installation Diagram
1 MAF tube installation kit containing:
1 silicon transition hose connector,
2 clamps,
1 bleed hose connector kit
1 1/8 npt 3/8 hose 90 fitting
1 1/8 npt 5/16 hose 90 fitting
1 1/8 npt plug
1 composite 3/8 hose "T"
1 piece 5/15" hose
1 piece 3/8" hose
1 Ty wrap kit

The above listed parts provide all the fittings and hose to plumb the system with either a standard crankcase vent setup or a catch can/vent type setup... which is required for some track events.

A complete install at Pettit is $995 and takes 3 -4 days.

For D.I.Y the PCM recal kit includes the EFI Dude device which will install the Pettit FI recal file, an internet connection is required.

The Stage II CS Kit can produce 300 whp and 195 lb/ft torque @ 5-7psi. Most of the added hp is a result of recalibrating the factory PCM. Other benefits include: Superb drivability, and clean smooth rock solid acceleration through the entire RPM range. Also with the stock PCM and OBD II diagnostics system fully functional there is no ck engine light unless something is wrong. Most OBD II compatible scan tools can perform full system scans and clear codes and the Mazda dealer can still perform full service with the kit installed as well. Our latest testing on 5 different RX8’s has consistently yielded 278 - 300 whp through the stock exhaust with the latter using a hi flow cat. We will continue testing other combinations; like the stock cat with performance cat back system etc, etc.

Customers involved in racing and/or track events may consider using a water/methanol injection system to help keep charge temps under control in extreme conditions. We are now testing W/M injection setups that become active when charge temps reach a set point; we hope to have these kits available soon. With the re-recalibration setup there is no method yet to trim fuel and /or retard timing under extreme conditions, this results in a slightly rich mixture as charge temps increase, so far this is no problem and may actually be of benefit, also the factory knock sensor seems to be doing its job, so far there are no instances of detonation.

Stage II Kit
1. Compressor Kit 5,995.00
2. The PCM recal kit 995.00
Total Price: $ 6,990.00

Stage II CS Kit
1. Compressor Kit 5,995.00
2. The PCM recal kit 995.00
3. Hi flow Cat 450.00
Total Price: $ 7,440.00

All parts can also be purchased separately.

Complete Installation at our shop is $995 plus tax. Call now to schedule 561-844-2258!


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Here's a recent dynosheet from a fellow owner:

My car made 281 rwhp right after his run. All his car has that mine does not is a bigger main pulley and bigger injectors. Next month...
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^ nice kit! If i was going to get a RX-8, I would pick up one of these SC for it!
Nice car btw!!
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