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Introduce yourself!! Tell me something about you and your history with rotary..

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Hi guys, I joined this site 5 or 6 years ago and basically used the club as a place to learn whatever I didn't know about this strange little car we all enjoy.I pretty much got into the rotary scene quite by accident.I had owned other sporty cars, a 1995 BMW M3 that I bought from a BMW executive when it had about 9000 miles on it.It was Dakar yellow over black leather and god I loved it! I drove that til it had almost 30,000 miles and sold it.Found a one owner B package first generation MX-5 Miata and drove it until my daughter was born in July of 1998.I had to sell it then unfortunately because I needed to be able to take her and her car seat on the weekends.Well every other weekend is what they decided. They like doing things like that to single dads for some reason.Anyway I was depressed I had to let the Miata go but glad I could see my daughter.Even if I had to sell my pride and joy to do it. Then a few years passed and my ex worked long and hard to make it more difficult it seemed like every week to have my time with my daughter til finally she got old enough to start believing that her mom was more important to her than I was so I saw her less and less until I rarely got to see her unless I wanted to see her at my ex's house.I didn't,believe me not fun!As they say you can't fight city hall and I would add you can't fight exes who have your kid much more than you and are intent on making your life hell the more you try. My daughter is going to be 22 this July and I haven't seen her since she was about 14.It feels like the little girl I took care of changed and had ever other weekend for awhile died.It really does feel like she passed away.And all I have is her memory.Oh my I didn't mean to go off on such a depressing topic it just kinda happened sorry guys.The RX-7 yes I was out one Sunday about 6 or 7 years ago and saw this little convertible sitting with a for sale sign.I stopped just out of curiosity for I didn't recognize what kind of car I was looking at so I talked to the guy found out what it was and remembered the old commercials with James Garner talking about this great new car.So I drove it and it was fun and smooth and seemed in really good shape.He wasn't asking what I considered alot of money for it so I countered and to my surprise he took it.I have had this 1988 convertible RX-7 ever since.I read everything I could read to educate myself about FBs FCs and even FDs.By the way before I decided for sure to buy that M3 I had mentioned I test drove a 1994 Fd and absolutely loved it.Scared the living SH*T out of the salesman on the test drive, I think he must have been new and had no idea what that car could safely do.But I knew! Ha Ha.I loved it and would have bought it but I wanted a back seat.But damn was it fun.Like a thorobred race car! Anyway I'm from the southern Indiana Louisville Ky. Area if anybody else is around here get in touch if nothing but to say hello.Oh and before I forget,I would kill for a knowledgeable mechanic anywhere near me.Keep healthy everyone and try not to go stir crazy.Take care everyone! Rob Reasor
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Welcome! Sorry to hear about the issues with your ex poisoning your daughter's mind.

Chris Ludwig (LMS-EFI) is right in your area. Floyds Knobs, IN. He's more into tuning and making wiring harnesses I believe, rather than turning wrenches, but he does turn wrenches at times too. He can point you in the right direction though. Very knowledgeable.
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