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Default Must READ for those attending DGRRX!

Alright guys..

We are now about just under a week away from DGRR '10 (DGRRX)!

As most of you know, Deals Gap / Tail of the Dragon is a part of US129 and in order to get there, you'll be driving addition 20-30 miles or so from the lodging.

And also most of us will be driving to the area from various part of US of A.

Few things you must be aware before you get to DGRRX.

Make sure your car is in TIP TOP condition. This means, you need to be sure your car is in good working order. Make sure to check your brakes, change all fluids, no fluid is leaking, and its not over heating.

Tail of the dragon is 11 miles long, 318 turns, and some turns are very dangerous. One mistake and you could be going down a 100ft drop!! I'm not joking about this and you need to be award that this could easy happen to anyone. So, make sure your tires are in good condition and make sure you don't have any suspension damage. Just remember, US129 is a public road and many have died on that road!

On Sunday, there will be unofficial cruise up thru skyway organized by several individuals. Skyway is about 60-80 mile hike going from 600ft to 5000+ft elevation. In the past years, we had couple of cars overheat during this cruise. Make sure your cooling system is working properly. Some groups will make few stops along this cruise but if something happens to your car, it will be very difficult to get help. Cell phone signals are weak and not all service providers work up there.

If you have two way radio, bring it with you!! Most of us will communicate thru 2 way radios. I will get couple of extra sets for some of the volunteers to use.


Everyone attending this event should understand that NO ONE will be responsible for any accidents or mishaps. What ever happens up at DGRRX is your responsibility.
Past years we had few minor accidents... this could of been avoided if people knew the limit of their car.. Don't try to PUSH the limit of your CAR!!! If you want to push the limit, take it to a local track!!

Understand that when your car is out of commission (due to accident or mechanical failure), someone would have to help you. This might cause problem for others who came to enjoy the event. SO, please double check your car and be careful up there. Tail of the Dragon, US129, aka Deals Gap is a PUBLIC road and any mis-conduct will have consequences.

Recommended Maintenance Checklist
For the Deals Gap Rotary Rally
1. Brakes
¨ Brake lines, hoses, and connectors, tight, no leaks or cracks,
(tighten connections or replace lines as necessary)
¨ Brake fluid, clean and clear (should be replaced every 30K miles)
¨ Brake Fluid Reservoir, should show full & no leaks
¨ Check and Replace brake pads as necessary
¨ Front, minimum thickness 2 mm, .08 in.
¨ Rear, minimum thickness 1 mm, .04 in.
¨ Check all rotors for wear and condition
¨ Front solid rotor, recommended min. thickness 20 mm or .79 in.
¨ Rear solid rotor, recommended min. thickness 8 mm or .31 in.
¨ Front vented rotor, recommended thickness same as solid rotor
¨ Rear vented rotor, recommended min. thickness, 18 mm or .71 in.

2. Tires
¨ Car has 4 tires mounted and one spare tire stored
¨ No Flat tires permitted, (yes, even if they are flat on only one side)
all tires properly inflated
¨ Tread depth, minimum 3/16” recommended and no wear bars showing
¨ All lug nuts tight and secure on all wheels

3. Clutch
¨ Clutch Pedal, in good working condition, pedal play =.02 to .12 in.
¨ Master Cylinder & Clutch Line Connections, no leaks, all connections tight
¨ Hydraulic Fluid, clean and changed within last 12 months
¨ MC Reservoir, no leaks and filled to proper level

4. Cooling System
¨ Radiator Cap, in place, tight with no leaks.
¨ Thermostat no leaks and installed
¨ Hoses and Overflow tank, no leaks and filled to maximum level
¨ Coolant, changed and system flushed within last 12 months

5. Engine
¨ Belts and Hoses, all drive belts inspected, and properly tensioned
(replace if cracked or worn)
¨ All hoses tight, not leaking or showing signs of wear
(replace if cracked, bulging or with other signs of wear and deterioration)
¨ Engine oil and Oil Filter, recently changed, less than 2K miles, oil at proper level
¨ Battery firmly secured in the engine bay

6. Windshield, windows, and wipers
¨ Wipers, at least one working speed and maintained in good working condition
¨ Glass, clean with no restrictions to good forward and rearward visibility

7. Exterior of your Rotary Wonder Car
¨ All running lights in good working order.
¨ No loose body parts that might cause problems for other cars if they fell off during drives

8. Drivers Compartment
¨ Lap belt and shoulder belt in proper working order, both worn during drives
¨ All items stored in the passenger cabin are properly secured or removed before drives

* all specifications, measurements, and service intervals cited in this checklist were taken from the Mazda Factory Service Manual for S5 RX7s, Section A, Scheduled Maintenance Services or from the Haynes Automotive Repair Manual, MAZDA RX-7, 1986 thru 1991, All models, publication # 61036 (1419).

DGRR 2013 - Year of 13B

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