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Japan Birth place of Mazda Rotaries..

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Default Car & bike drags in Okinawa, October 17th

Not the greatest photos I've ever taken, but a few decent shots in there. Mostly bikes out today but a few cars out there. The temperatures were better for power, but made the ice-like surface even more slippery. Hopefully this'll be my last drags as a spectator and I can do some runs next time. Have to say watching you guys run makes me want to throw on a big turbo and get dragging the FC.

One biker went down in the knockout part of the event. He messed up the launch and you could see was unhappy. He went at full throttle through the finish line, let off a bit late and then hit the front brake a little too hard. He went down and his bike skidded off into the mountain. Luckily he stood up almost straight away, staggered a little but gave the "OK" sign. There was so much oil and debris on one lane's run-off area though that they had to take it down to one lane only for the rest of the event.

Big in Japan: soldave.ismysite.co.uk
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This kinda makes me miss Oki. I don't remember seeing so many R32 GTRs either, or a Silvia or 350Z for that matter.
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Nice pics, thanks.
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Gregory Casimir
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thats pretty awesome. i like how they use different big motor bikes then your standered hayabusa or CBR.
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