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Default Low Resistance Spark Plug Wire Sale! (FD3S)

For a limited time we are running a sale on our low resistance OEM replacement spark plug wires!

We have both red and black wires in stock and ready to ship! Our stock is limited, so it's first come first serve. Please see below for details.

Wether your car is stock or a 500HP monster, these wires will suit your needs and meet or exceed your expectations. We have created OEM replacement spark plug wires utilizing MSD 8.5mm super conductor wires and high quality connectors. MSD's 8.5mm Super Conductor wire sets have a special helically wound core that has just 40-50 ohms of resistance per foot--but with an EMI/RFI suppression equal to a 1,500 ohm wire. What's that mean? More energy from your coils make it to your spark plug wires.

  • Low Ω (resistance) - means more spark energy transferred from your coils to your spark plugs. Less than 50 ohms per foot.
  • Excellent EMF suppression - EMF (electromagnetic field) is created when passing large amounts of energy through a wire. We won't bother taking you back to physics class, but the helically wound wire found in the MSD Superconductor wire is excellent at suppressing the EMF radiation associated with passing high amounts of current, which would otherwise be injected into nearby wires. Forty feet of conductor is wound into a single foot of wire to suppresses EMI, along with a ferro-magnetic impregnated core combine to create a highly effective EMI choke.
  • Outstanding Silicone Insulator - Double walled silicone insulation creates an oil, abrasion, and electrical barrier second to none. MSD developed a proprietary silicone compound for the outer sleeve which protects the wire from high heat and abrasion, while the more ductile inner sleeve protects the conductor wire. The conductor core also features a DuPont Kevlar material for increased tensile strength. The thick double walled insulator ensures the protection/longevity of these competition grade wires, allowing them to withstand the extreme environments found in the engine bays of competition race cars.
  • Cables individually labeled
  • Spec Sheet Included - Each wire is individually tested to ensure it meets our strict quality standards to provide you with wires of the lowest possible resistance (highest performance). We provide you with this information along with your wire set. Any wires not meeting our stringent specifications are discarded. We firmly stand behind the quality and performance numbers of our wires... if you can find a better wire, buy it. Use our performance numbers to compare Ω (resistance) ratings to the competition, your current wires, or track the status of your wire set over time.
  • Made in the USA!

Available in Red or Black
Sale Price: $74

Submitting Payment:

Click the following link ----> Purchase spark plug wires

Follow us for product updates and more!

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I'll be using these on my 20B single turbo build...
1993 SSM, 20B (D449), SINGLE-TURBO, DIY-BUILD IN THE WORKS... |Build Thread|
1993 BB, 13B, SINGLE-TURBO, DAILY DRIVER |Build Thread|


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