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RX-8 (2004 - Present) All things to do with RX-8

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Default NA SemiPP 20b

This is more of a place holder for now. Engine is purchased, but won't be ready till around June / July. Then it's off to the fabricator to get it in the car. Lastly wiring and tune.

Goal 350-450WHP NA
Preferably over 400WHP (very possible). 450WHP not likely (being a realist)

B series motor purchased. Reliable source, and on the shelf.
Iron lapping

Built by Myles Fisher
9.7 NA rotors
1" ID Semi PPort
Street Port on stock ports.

Chip Motorsports
Rotor lightning, clearancing, scalloping, and balancing

Fabrication by Coffee Fabrication
Undecided on intake and LIM design
90MM DBW throttle body
Flaming River custom steering rack. Little faster ratio than stock
MK3 MR2 Electric power steering pump
Undecided on hooking up the speed sensor to the pump

Wiring by LMS-EFI
Haltech Elite 2500
Stock ECU retention for OBDII readiness checks, AC, etc
Relocate both ECUs from the engine bay
Full engine bay rewire and wire tuck
Maybe relocate / hide stock fuse box

My Cars:
1974 RX4 Coupe
1991 FC3S RX7 - Sold
2003 ZZW30 MR2 (Rotary swap after RX8)
2004 SE3P RX8 (20B Swap in the works)

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