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Introduce yourself!! Tell me something about you and your history with rotary..

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FUCK the fucking fuckers
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Default Rules of Conduct

Hey everyone, as requested here is the clear-cut set of rules that will be implemented at the time of this posting. This applies to everyone, whether it's an Admin or a noob.

The rules will be listed by severity along 3 levels and you will ALWAYS receive an email explaining the warning or ban. If you do not receive an email regarding your infraction then you should contact someone right away.

Level 1 - Instant Ban
These infractions will not allow for a warning. If you violate any of the following you will be booted. You will have 1 chance to contest it so make it good. The length of the ban (1 week, 1 Month or IP) will be up to the moderator's discretion.

1. Posting Porn. If you're not sure, don't post!

2. Clear and blatant spam. We don't want to BUY any unlocked cell-phones, a mail-order bride, or Viagra. If you would like to offer a service to the community please contact someone for a Vendor account.

3. Any vendor, mod and member who makes a negative public display, instead of doing it in one of the private/hidden means, or
divulge information that is supposed to stay in private sections, will be temp or perma banned (depending on severity).

4. Scammers. 0 Tolerance. If there is proof of a scam then you're gone. You cannot contest this IP ban.

Level 2 - 3 strikes (warnings) and you're out.

It's simple. You will receive two warnings and a ban on the third infraction. You will also get 1 chance to contest the first warning. The length of the ban (1 week, 1 Month or IP) will be up to the moderator's discretion.

1. Publicly attacking the administration's actions when it comes to administrative forum issues. Internal issues are just that, INTERNAL. PM the appropriate channels and discuss the problem and solution without making a heated an e-fight about it.

2. Failing to add "NWS" (Not Work Safe) in the title of threads that show gray-area material.

3. Invasion of the privacy of any RCC member.

4. Creating multiple threads on the same subject in multiple sub-forums and/or creating a new thread after another is closed. You can PM any moderator about re-opening any threads that are closed, DO NOT OPEN ANOTHER ONE.

5. Excessive noob bashing, instigating or harassment. NONE in the intro section at all. If you do I will delete your post and warn you. The second time you will be banned.

6. Trolling.

7. Posting in a manner that is instigatory or not showing good fellowship/camaraderie, if you are repeatedly unpleasant to other members and/or constantly harassing our members. No slurs of any kind.

Tier 3 - Mildest of infractions, mostly recommendations.
This kind of infraction will most likely just get you a PM with some tips you should consider implementing in order to continue the steady flow of conversation on any topic.

1. Making vague or confusing thread titles and threads. We're not all English majors but help us help you.

2. Keep the goofing off in the lounge...you're free to do anything you please in there.

You'll find that these rules are not created to "keep you in line" as much as they are guidelines so we can truly solidify the rotary community with open, clear lines of communication. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to show proof that you've been scammed please PM any MOD ASAP. We don't ask for a selling fee so in return we ask that all of you help us establish a good community free of drama amongst ourselves. We're a small community and we cannot afford to be divided.

Welcome to RotaryCarClub, a forum unlike any other.

RCC Staff
Originally Posted by Monkman33 View Post
But I've learned that people that don't like guns, tend to like stretched tires.

Which makes perfect sense. They are sacrificing safety either way. lol

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