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Default Coilover suspension "this vs. that"

i have three cars requiring coilovers (i have too many projects, i know)

They are:

1. daily toy GSLSE w/ FC subframe
2. GSL rally car thing w/ FC subframe
3. RX-2 w/ FC subframe

This presents me with three seperate "needs" from a coilover as well. Ill break it down a little but what i am looking for is experience with different companies. Perhaps start forming a suspension FAQ sticky of some sort...

I have been looking at Stance, TEIN, etc to fit my applications. How are they for rebuilding? valving options? adjustment?

most of my experience has been with Bilsteins, and I have loved them. For the dirt/gravel, i have som 8" travel 40mm inverted bilteins on custom bodies and a 225lb spring w/ 5lb helper. But for pavement rally / hillclimb i need something shorter stroke, higher spring rate but still very durable. I might end up making another set valved and a higher spring rate but still of the 40mm bilstein variety.

For the GSLSE, its a daily toy, but i still like to have fun with it. Im considering the Stance option for the price honestly. The coilover option gives me the adjustment i need with the FC subframe (pillowball mounts, ride height) and the 2.5" spring clearance is nice.

The Rx-2 is somewhat of a half hearted track car. Not sure what route to take here. She is very light so the FC coilovers as shipped might not have a suitable spring rate.

For current updates and event coverage check out
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