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Default new to rotary, 84 rx7 11a

Hi all! I'm the proud new owner of a 84 rx7 1.1 that has been in storage for 20 years. it has 60k miles and was parked because the clutch started to slip. I'm learning new things every time I mess with it to get it back on the road. So far I have replaced the starter motor because it was locked up. dropped some mystery oil in the plug holes to lubricate the seals and poured some fuel in the carb. fired up and I smiled. From there I worked on fuel delivery. dropped the tank and found it in pretty bad shape. after no luck finding a replacement tank, I sent it to a company that refurbished my tank. Now I have the Nikki carb off and dismantled for cleaning. Does anyone know where to get replacement jets for the Nikki? It appears as if someone tried to clean the carb in the past and I am noticing some of the heads on the jets are damaged, along with missing check balls and weights. I found rebuild kits but they are mostly only gaskets and orings along with float needles. also is it better to keep the stock Nikki carb or is there a better, more reliable option? Not planning on doing any modifications to the car.
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Welcome! I always love hearing about a rotary that fires right up after sitting for so long (with a little love of course lol). I think partly because I have an 87 TII that has been sitting since 07 and an 84 that's been sitting since probably the early to mid 90s lol.

By the way, that engine is referred to as 12A. Got any pics of the car?

I don't know much about FBs or FCs just yet, I've only worked on the FD so far all these years, so I'm not much help to you. Sorry. There are plenty of gurus here that can help though.
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I would get a used nikki to scavenge replacement parts. Try to get the same year or at least 84/85. The nikki is the best carb for the rotary but you can also get a nice Weber IDA setup from RacingBeat.com that can work with a stock 12A with some tuning.

Word of caution, do not use the new needles or seats in the rebuild kits. They are not made to very good tolerances and can cause flooding and stuck needles. Reuse the old ones as long as they look ok and seal up on the old seats. Also do not mess with the floats unless the gas doesn't come to the right level in the bowls. Another gotcha, if not using the stock fuel pump, the nikki really doesn't like more than about 2.5 psi.
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Project Fat Nikki Budget 12A rebuild Video setup < $30.00
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That sounds a great find! How's it now?
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