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Default Finally getting to the very bottom of the air pump removal

So I've notice as I search around the forum even other forums, no one really has the right info down to the very bottom of the process in removing your air pump after u get aftermarket exhaust system. Removing the air pump is easy, but what pulley kit to use how do u retain the functionality of your powersteering and air conditioning.
So 1. Remove air pump
2. Connect the pipes that were connected to the air pump
3. Remove acv and put block off plate on
4. Obviously put whole new exhaust on, in my case I'm using full racing beat kit for my 1984 gslse.
5. People will wonder what to do with the tube that works with the 5th and 6th port, well the racin beat comes wih the correct fitting so u have to do no modification besides useing your brain a bit to connect it.
If I'm forgetting anything post up but mainly post with people's experience would be much appreciated, thank!

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All you need is a dual-belt pulley for the alternator and two identical alternator belts (same length for obvious reasons). That's it. Two belts are needed to avoid slippage on the fan/water pump pulley.

Use an impact to remove the old 2 piece single pulley and just use the same hardware to re-install dual pulley. Very simple and NO other mods required.
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Yep dual pulley kit from RB or Mazdatrix and 2 identical fan belts will do the trick. Make sure
the belts are from the same mgfr, same lot# and same size. That way they will be closer to
being identical sizes and will stretch similar amount.

Once the pulley is on, tighten the belts down until about 1/2 inch deflection, run for a few
days or 100 miles or so and see if they need to be tightened a bit more. They will stretch.
Don't overtighten or you risk premature wear on the ehaft.
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