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\r\n\'90 Black TII vert w/ Sprint RE stock port/turbo DD dyno (242.6whp@5500rpm @12psi 8psi@redline) and (250ftlbtq@4800rpm @13psi) SOLD
\r\n\'89 GTUs 6p TII SOLD, \'87 sport SOLD, \'79 SA stock SOLD
\r\n\'91 B2600i 4x4 w/ Rx-8 LSD SOLD
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New update: items that have sold are removed.

1st Gen:
New FB Fuel Tank -- $300
IMSA 3 pcs rear spoiler -- $200
IMSA 3 pcs front airdam w/fogs -- $250
Racing Beat - Engine Torque Brace (New) --$75
79-82 Rx7 Short radiator (for front mount oil cooler) -- $200
Straight Headlight assembly's -- (blue) $30 each
Headlight motors -- $20 each
Straight Header Panel -- $50
Straight Doors -- $50 each
81-85 Blue steel sunroof (no rust, dings and almost perfect paint)-- $75
81-85 White steel sunroof (no rust, dings, and perfect paint)-- $75
Marahia Mode Front airdam (fiberglass)-- $150
Factory 79 SA cats in great shape (75K miles) -- $100
gsl-se cats in good working shape exhaust -- $150
gsl-se Factory Air box -- $10
gsl-se main pulley -- $10
gsl-se rear axle shafts --$100 pair

2nd Gen:
S4 NA UIM, TB, DC -- $75
S4 TII FCD -- $50
S5 Power Steering Pump -- $40
S5 NA motor complete w/tranny (cut harness) ran good, V8 swap --$400
S5 NA Tranny from motor above --$125
TII hood red -- $200
S4 Power steering pump -- $20
New - Mazda Front TII Chin Spoiler in White -- $200
Blue rear S5 Bumper -- $50
White Front S5 Bumper -- $200
White Rear S5 bumper -- $75
N326 ECU -- $30
N327 ECU and N327 pressure sensor --$50
S5 NA Upper & Lower Intake manifold --$50

3rd Gen:
Stock FD Airbox - $40
Stock FD Airbox with RB air intake snorkel - $75
Petit AST - $100
Factory IC (35K miles)- $50
Pettit Air duct - $75
Factory Radiator (35k miles)- $100
Factory exhaust (35K miles)- $250
Center Console / Shifter plastic textured 1995 (Broken boot tabs) -$50

HKS AIC New In the Box - $200

4 - 15x7" 4x110 New Konig Rewinds with tires - $700

Cars for sale:
72 Rx2 - Sold
73 Rx2 -
73 Rx2 - Pending
74 Rx2 - Sold

90 FC -

PARTS I NEED or will Trade for

HKS Twin Power for FD
99 Spec rebar
99 Spec fogs

2 Seater Go Cart with roll bars for the kids
Always interested in guns

Items are located in TN south of Nashville off Of I-65 listed for pickup, shipping extra. Open to reasonable offers. I TAKE PAYPAL as well.
Will not remove item from list until deposit is made or trade is done.
I own A few Rotaries and Yes, I have a rotary problem. (SELLING OFF All my parts)
79SA(Respeed Car),93 FD (tweakit)

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