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Default New '92 RX-7 owner

About me:

Hi everyone, my name is Tom, and I'm now the proud owner of a '92 FD. This is my first rotary, but have wanted one, mainly an FD, for as long as I can remember. I'm in the Navy and have been stationed in the Hampton Roads, VA area for the past 12 years. This is my second car, my first being a Ford ZX2 S/R which I still have as well, so needless to say, this is a large jump in power and difference in drivetrain. Right now just soaking up as much information as I can from here and other sources to keep everything running well on the car.

About her:

'92 Vintage Red JDM Efini RX-7 with just under 20k miles. Car is very close to completely stock, but had a few small things done already. She had an HKS turbo timer put in, and vacuum lines were run into the cabin, which tells me the previous owner had a boost gauge on there. I only needed to do minor things to have her pass VA safety inspection (dead horns and few dead lights). I got my boost gauge put on her now using the flyrx7 center speaker pods, and the turbos passed the 8-10-8 test. I will soon be flushing the coolant, and tapping the thermostat and putting a water temp gauge in, as well as putting a wideband afr sensor, and completing the rest of the reliability mods. Already know the vacuum lines have their days numbered. After that, leave her as is for a while, get good and up to speed on learning about the car, driving it properly, and maintaining her in good condition. Looking forward to meeting any of the local owners in the area too.

Having issues attaching some photos right now, but will add them up later.
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