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Originally Posted by IH8DSM View Post
see notice no one in this thread said i had rotas and they cracked....
I had Rotas and they cracked...

They were my track wheels (15x8 Slipstreams) and I only used them at the track twice and once on the street before one developed a crack in the hub area on the first morning of a 3 day track weekend. I had to do the rest of the weekend on my street wheels. Needless to say I wasn't happy. The cause of the failure was a design flaw where they put a sharp corner pocket on the back face of the wheel on either side of two of the lug holes, leaving a very thin wall. This lead to cracking which I fortunately discovered while re-torquing the weels after the first session (the one nut just kept turning, so I looked and could see the crack).

Of note is that those wheels are a custom size and I don't think they normally do a 5x4.5" on their 15" Slipstreams, so it may be a bit of an isolated issue. But there is the larger issue of them allowing wheels with a serious design flaw out the door, not the sort of company I'll EVER deal with again.

I just got my new custom Kodiak 15x9's yesterday, and even though I paid about 3x as much for them, I think they're well worth it.
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