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I've seen 17x8 +35 and 17x9 +35 called the "ideal" front and rear wheel dimensions and I've seen a few examples in person. Based on that I'd think your 18x8 +35 optons would be okay. I guess the only concern would be the extra 1" diameter since the springs get larger in diameter.

Even though I have adjustable coilovers, I can share my experience. My old wheels were 16x8 +32 with 225/50R16 tires. I had two issues: the inside sidewall rubbed one of the coilover lock collars and the outside sidewall would catch the lip on the inside of the fender. To get around these I used a camber bolts to rotate the hub away from the coilover and ran about -1.5 degrees of negative camber to get away from the fender, which still had to be rolled. Had I run a 17x8 +35 I don't think I'd have run into either of these problems.
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