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Originally Posted by havnfun20yrs View Post
Has anyone done this? I know it would probably need motor, tranny,ecu,fuel pump.

And thanks to Eric for the help with the comp test.
Brian will piss in your fruitloops if you do this on the cheap. Aftermarket ECU will be easier but more expensive. If you want to drive it, go stock. If you want to data log, you'll have to go aftermarket or use the 8 dash.

Brain says he has a 1,000 hrs in the build; I believe him. I only mention this if you are NOT doing the work yourself. At $20 an hour labor rate, you are looking at $20k car without buying a single part. Never mind the fact that shops charge $75~$150 an hour.

My donor RX-8 was $3k. The FB I already had but got it for $400. It wouldn't run in '04 when I bought it. Rebuilt the carb and it ran fine. Good luck finding a rolling chassis for that price.

Ask Brian (Bri, feel free to share, I don't mind in the least) what the parts cost were. I'm thinking it was somewhere around $12k including the RX-8.
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