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Originally Posted by TitaniumTT View Post
I've done it.....

PM BrewerBob
It's his car, I just built it. It's ALOT more involved that one would think though and you NEED an '04 ECU or an aftermkt ECU.

There's nothing wrong with the motors, as long as they start right up cold and have decent compression cold they can be rebuilt and brought back to life.

Lets put it this way, the donor RX8 for FrankenB was a 2004 with 140k on the original engine. Had all sorts of issues so he bought the donor REAL cheap.

Pulled it apart, rebuilt it, reused the rotors and housings, built the engine the way I build engines and it made 206wrhp on the dyno. Highest I've ever seen.

But talk to Bawb about the car, so far he loves the thing.
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but I'm getting old
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It allows me to secks them before they're cool
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