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Default MG Midget Madness (i.e. It was either this or kill it with fire)

lowered by Kevin Frank, on Flickr

1975 MG Midget - 1500cc; 4 speed. 1640lbs. with the cast iron engine and trans.

For those of you that don't know what kind of an idiot I am, I will give a brief explanation. I bought the above green hair removal tool to get around with until I could get my 79 SA back up. It seemed to only need a few things and I could either do a swap on it later, or fix it and make a little bit of money by selling it.

No dice. Every time I fixed one thing something was broken/screwed up that had been hidden away by the previous owner(s), or broke in the process of fixing something else. After about a year of fighting with it non-stop, and putting far too much money in it, (2 engines, 2 transmissions, carb, manifold, ignition, switches, wiring fixes, radiator, lights, etc etc. ad nauseum). I have had enough with the weak kneed, poorly designed and built, crappy 55hp engine and glass transmission (and worse wiring). Time for something infinitely better.

I have put quite a bit of work into suspension/interior/exterior so not all the money dumped into it will be wasted.

I will be cleaning up the '87 S4 NA 13B and 5 speed that I have and transplant the whole shebang into it. Hopefully I'll be able to retain the fuel injection, but we'll see as I go along. In addition all the wiring will be stripped out of it and either tossed in the trash, or burned in a black Sabbath bonfire to help it on it's way to hell. I will be using the GSL-SE front cover and pan to utilize the front engine mounts. The trickiest part (other than wiring) is going to be building a header, as there isn't a lot of room.

More pictures to come as I get stuff done.

1979 SA22C (parts of one anyway)

1975 MG Midget (building)

1988 N/A SE model FC, dead stock and less than 85k on the clock. This one actually runs, so I don't fuck with it.

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