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Originally Posted by FC Zach View Post
I depinned all but two wires on that connector and will run them to the S6 alternator, however I'll only be using the "L" terminal wire. I thought it would be wise to run the other wire for the "R" terminal in case I need to replace the alternator and decide to go back to S4. .

After redoing the harness and finally getting things corrected to make a happy alternator I found I still had a battery drain. . . I took the alternator to get tested and it failed miserably but this was good news in a way (the search is over, I hope). Unfortunately it was just too late for my S6 alt the damage had already been done.

Reason why it was a wise choice to run that one additional wire? ? No S6 alternators in stock and were special order, S4 was next day So I got an alternator arriving in the morning just in time for me to have my car ready for DGRR.

Even after replacing the damaged S6, I don't think I'll be in the clear just yet. . . The "Charge" warning lamp doesn't illuminate with Key On/Engine Off and didn't illuminate while running with the damaged alternator. I'll check the bulb next.
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