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^Same here, high output rebuilt alternators tend to be a crap shoot. Although the one I have (110A vs the stock 80A) doesn't have any problems with maintaining voltage at idle speed. I'm using a dual belt pulley, but it's not an under drive type.

An S6 alternator wouldn't be an upgrade over what I have now - I know the "rated" 110A alternator I have now is putting out at least 100A, as I was able to get my 100A sensor to read an over range condition (displays FFF when > 100A) by flipping on everything shortly after starting the car, when current draw maxes out. Thought about the Taurus alternator, but don't like the fitment - too tight with the stock TMIC. Someone needs to publish an alternator cross ref database that you can drill into by technical specs - case/mounting dimensions, electrical output/interface & pulley specs.

Going with LED equivalents for everything outside except for the headlights & fog lights will reduce power consumption by roughly 85% (e.g., a 27W halogen 1156 gets replaced by ~3.5W LED, for similar light output), so I'll be doing that soon.
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