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Originally Posted by Pete_89T2 View Post
If you can jury rig a way to pressurize the coolant in the block to about 14~15psi before putting it all back together, I think it would be worth the extra effort. It might not leak much/at all unless it's pressurized as it would in operation.

Now that I think of it, easy way to do this would be to temporarily plumb the radiator to the WP housing, then cap or loop the remaining openings (heater ports, rear housing/TB lines, etc.), then rent/borrow a coolant system pressure tester from the local auto parts shop. Fill with water, pump it up & see if the pressure holds; if it doesn't hold you'll find out quickly where it's leaking from.
This makes sense. I'll look into it. Right now I just have about a gallon of coolant in the block itself. Previously this was enough to leak around the engine studs but no leaks after about 15 hours so far.

EDIT: Actually, I just went out and checked again and it looks like there's a small leak in one of the plugs in the water pump housing. Fortunately, that's an easy fix.

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