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Originally Posted by project86 View Post
So you just sourced Miata trans and had someone do the input shaft mod for you? Does the fc shifter still fit the same way since it's just the internal parts being changed?
Originally Posted by infernosg View Post
The mod is essentially putting the Miata gears into the RX7 transmission housings so the rear housing and shift linkages are still all RX7. Though technically you could swap some Miata stuff over so you could run a Miata short shifter if you wanted. They're much cheaper for some reason. It sounds straightforward but it's a pretty complicated task. You have to completely disassemble the transmission to get to remove the input shaft. I posted a how-to on here a while back detailing the process per the FSM.
A good local standup guy (in Northern VA that is) is selling a NA FC trans with the Miata gears on it. I don't want to cross post threads, but if you are interested, I can get you in touch with him (or pm you his FS thread)
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