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wow.... so much hate.

So, as one man once said, "Why so serious?"

Do you think that everyone cares that much? People don't do it for performance, they're just out to have fun, do stuff that doesn't make sense, and live life. Why does it always have to be "you cant do this" you cant do that", etc? If you dont get it, dont do it, no one says YOU have to, right? Some people joy in the fact that others don't understand their cars, they know who they built it for, and they dont care... So if you don't have anything nice to say, then please shut the fuck up?

Thank you.

Originally Posted by RotorDad View Post
The red FC is one of the Risky Devil cars from Chi-town. If you are going to be drifting & you make no power then stretched tires make it easier to spin, but for the street it is just not a good idea. Hit a bump or pothole & say good buy to your tire, maybe even the wheel. Since most of the guys doing this, not just FC owners decide that having body panels that don't fit correctly, slammed on the ground body damage & usually mis matched paint if any at all I guess stretching the tires isn't going to hurt the looks of the car anymore. To each his own & good luck in however you build you car just don't claim that this is the right way of doing things, like some try to do. BTW the only thing I'm going to stretch & poke is what is between a woman's legs.
Good example of a legit post, thanks rotordad. No hate, no badmouthing, no bullshit. Just an honest opinion and commentary on the subject.

PS: Also, the pics you posted, wtf is that? That is not cool nor does it look good... please dont throw everyone else in with those cars you posted.
Rotaries:They are NOT that complicated!

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