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Got my turbo from Turblown. TD61R with a 1.15 AR hot side. Thanks Elliot!

I have always hated the extra emissions related junk on the LIM, so I started to shave that off, and make room for the runners to feed the peri ports.

Just a small portion of aluminum chips created

Close to the end of material removal and holes drilled to feed the peris.

Looking into the peri port.

Then fabricated the additional runners for the peri ports. The peris are fed by the stock secondary runners only. This should help idle/driveability some what.

The welds look terrible! The access was terrible, add that to the dirty thick casting and thin wall tubing, and you get those hideous welds. Oh well they'll work.

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but I'm getting old
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It allows me to secks them before they're cool

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