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RETed will become famous soon enough

That article is full of fail...

Taken from:
Rota Wheels are strong, light and Certified by VIA, JWL, and ISO.
VIA / JWL official info:

Although not too much specific information (i.e. certified list) and does not directly dispute Rota's claims, the "ISO" part of Rota's claims is suspicious...

You will sometimes see "ISO 9001" certified?
This certification is for LOGISTICS operations, and have nothing to do with product standards...
Stupid f*cks.

Official ISO website:

If it wasn't obvious, I would never run that Rota crap on my cars.
I don't care if they were given to me free...
I wouldn't even take them if people PAID ME to take them.
They are not even worth it to me to use as a door stop.

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because you're only as good as your backup
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