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Default Ceramic Apex Seal Radius Repair Now Offered

Just like the title say's I am now offering radius repair/re-new. Got some ceramic seals with scratches/marks/divots on the radius?

I can dress them in to new condition saving those precious pcs and your money!

I'm now doing 3 pcs for a customer and here are pics of the marks and the after shots of the finished tops.

These would normally be considered un-useable due to the marks but instead I saved the customer $420.00 cost of replacing them.
The piece I did in the pics was the worst of the 3 pcs with 3+ marks like in the pics below.

I charge $60.00 USD per piece as it takes me several hours to do this work due to the immense hardness of the material as well as getting them flat.

Heck, I'll even do Iannetti seals for ya.

Take a look at the pics and feel free to post your thoughts.


After, This piece was the worst one with 3+ marks like above


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