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Long time no see, have done some small updates now and then on both Facebook and Instagram. I'm sorry, but it's so easy to throw in a picture and move on.

Lets do a throwback sunday.

I did a little test with my front fender. My wheels are to big, and the body is so much lower that I can't mount the fenders over the wheels today.
I let it sit there and sink in. The rear wheelarc will be a big challenge as well..

Then I moved on with the watt-link. Did some sheetmetal-parts in Solidworks.

A friend of mine helped me with the lasercut and bending. Will be nice!

Back to the 4-rotor...

I havn't done much, but some small thing here and there.
Have done the first part of my new centerbearings.

The toleranses are tight! Need to demount to get all oil-windows in place.

Have also prepared the irons.

Then I went through my rotors, and picked out these four. Close call without any mods yet. Only 20grams away.

After some ultrasonicwashing. This is the rotor on the far left on the picture above.

After a few seconds with a scotchbritepad by hand.

Have bought two AutoVerdi-drysump-pumps.
One will GusFD3s use on his Rx3-20B, and the other will I keep.

Sketched up the pump to get it into my assemblies in Solidworks

Started on the drysumppan and front cover that will be some billet-kind.

Havn't desided if the pan will be billet or sheetmetal, the sheetmetal have some advantage, but billet is engine-porn :-)
Did a test with wellpapp of the sheetmetal-version.
Very tight and small, easy to fit AN-12 into.

So, not much has happened, but still going in the right direction.

Can remind you of the facebook-page and instagram if you want instant updates without text :-)
But I'm trying to get better on updates here as well.
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