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So just to bump this after a while. I drive the car 10 miles or so a week. I think I've put like 150 miles on it since I got it. Since the last update I've completed all the basic tune-up maintenance. Back in late August I swapped in a new-ish OEM midpipe (the one between the thermal reactor and heat exchanger) since the old one had rusted through in a couple places.

The tachometer bouncing at idle is getting slowly worse. I've since swapped the original OEM distributor parts except the points back in with no noticeable impact. I'll try them next. I noticed the bouncing will stop with even the slightest throttle input. For example, the throttle up response from turning on the A/C will cause the bouncing to stop. I've read claims ranging from bad connections/grounds, to bad alternators and igniters being the cause. It doesn't sound like the car is missing at idle so I'm thinking it's more of a signal issue.

Another question: does everyone's SA smell bad? Like excess exhaust emissions bad? I've adjusted the idle mixture and speed per recommendations I found online and while the idle itself has improved the car still smells like it's running with zero emissions equipment.

I also noticed the throw out bearing is kind of noisy. It's not squealing but I have a decent, low-pitched whirling noise when the clutch is engaged (pedal out). 5th gear also has a pretty good whine to it that's load/speed dependent. I'll probably do a clutch job next year and when the transmission's out I may pull the tail housing to look at the 5th/reverse assembly.
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