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Originally Posted by infernosg View Post
The brake master cylinder was replaced in 1988, which is why I think that was the last time the fluid was changed. I ended up flushing about 32 oz of new fluid through the brakes and clutch. In the end clean, clear-yellow fluid was flowing from all the bleeders. The brake and clutch feel is MUCH better. Right now I just want to get the 25,000 mile maintenance done but I will definitely be keeping an eye on the brakes. I'll probably rebuild the brake and clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinder, front calipers, and rear drums and replace all the soft lines, rotors, pads, shoes, and associated hardware at some point in the near future just to be safe.
Hopefully it will stay that clear yellow color for a long time. Two things turn new brake fluid into that crappy dark brown color - (a) Absorbing moisture in the air over lots of time, and (b) Residue from all the deteriorated rubber seals in the MC & wheel cylinders. So in about month, if you notice the fluid color is becoming noticeably darker, you know that you got (b) going on, and you might want to speed up your plan to overhaul the MC & brake hydraulic parts before something breaks.
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