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That's awesome! I've been thinking about stuff like this lately too.

I've had the upgraded alternator from IRP on my FD for almost 10 years now. The original one failed pretty quick and I suspected it was due to using an underdrive pulley that was too large. Ihor swapped that one out for me and I started using pulleys that were either stock or closer to stock diameter and haven't had a problem since.

I've used an Odyssey PC680 and a Braille battery of similar size at different times and I wasn't super happy with either of them, although when I got the Braille battery years ago I hooked up a battery tender and I don't remember having any issues with it other than one time when I couldn't plug in the tender and I guess an interior light was left on all night. I've continued using the battery tender with an Optima Yellow Top and Optima D51R and haven't ever had any issues.

I think I'll be getting one of these sensors to see just how much I'm stressing the system. Thanks!
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