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Cool 12 Year Old Liam Maddox First 13b Rx7 Rotary Engine Build: Worlds Youngest Builder!

Worlds youngest rotary engine builder! I am pretty stoked to see another generation getting into them! Keeping them alive!

His next build is just getting started! He has began the clean up and prep to build his next 13b for his 1990 Savanna RHD! The motor is going to be unique! We are taking GSLSE irons and rotors and using s5 housings custom grooved to remove the water seals from the motor. No water seals to fail, 3mm apex seals, should be a long lasting beatable track motor!

Be sure to check out the Lazarus build thread!
s5 Infini RHD -RIP
S6 Efini RHD RE, Custom Burnout -Build in progress
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