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Default Coolant leak around engine studs?

I noticed a small leak between the rear iron and transmission after adding coolant for the first time. I popped off the inspection plates and used a cheap Amazon endoscope to snap some pictures and this is what I found:

There are leaks around some of the engine studs. At first I thought I screwed up a coolant seal when I rebuilt the engine, but after looking through the FSM I remembered the studs are between the coolant seals. I have the Turblown engine stud kit and their description says, "Studs should be torqued to 3 inch lbs, and the nuts to 32 Ft lbs. Lubricate the front iron threads, and use a silicone sealant near the OEM sealing washer threads." Granted it was 1.5 years ago but I'm doubting I put sealant on the threads, but rather underneath the OEM washers because I was following the FSM. Would this explain the leak?

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